Monday, June 22, 2009

About Us

We are a collection of barely employed, college graduates who enjoy arguing about meaningless baseball idiosyncrasies. Dave Matthews is a struggling sports writer who quickly formed a life long bromance with Cooly at the ripe age of 6, after bonding over the overwhelming beauty of Cooly’s Magic Shaq jersey. Zach and Cooly met in college. While neither was the prototypical “athlete” they found they shared a love of baseball statistics and bonded over the love of MLBTradeRumors. This blog is a sabermetric mix of MLBTR, FireJoeMorgan, UmpBump, with a twist of Club Trillion and UniWatch.

Here at Start Wedman, we find pride and confidence in tearing down the works of others, making fun of professional baseball players, scoffing at those who know less than us, and demeaning baseball announcers. If you find any of those things remotely entertaining, this blog may be for you. If not, read us anyway.

Of course, we do have our biases and will let you know about them up front in order to give you something to gripe about.

Dave grew up an Orioles fan, falling in love with the Iron Man. He now unfortunately finds himself rooting for the Cubs and Mark Prior's scar tissued shoulder.

Zach cheers for the Sox of the South Side. Even though he considers himself a Sox fan, you would never know it by his posts. The agony of watching slow baseball players who routinely fail to reach base has driven him to a slight psychosis.

Cooly is a member of the faithful Cardinals following. He has sent several marriage proposals to Rick Ankiel over the years. Ankiel has responded with a restraining order that will not allow Cooly within 500 feet of him.

Okapi became disenchanted with baseball during the steroid scandal, but tends to root for the White Sox. The shallowness of most Cubs fans tends to sicken him on a daily basis. Luckily, he spends most of his time in the jungles of the Congo eating leaves with other forest giraffes.

Garcia is a Cubs fan who complained his way on to the site. His presence is unwelcome. He may or may not have written this bio.

Since Mr. Anonymous didn't feel like giving a brief bio, I (Zach) will be giving a brief bio. I also have no clue who Mr. Anonymous is (wink), so I will be giving his bio on what I think he may be like. Most likely he is also a recent graduate from our great Alma Mater, Valparaiso University. I also see Mr. Anonymous as a young gentleman, most likely in excess of 250 lbs, unemployed and living in his mother's house. Way to completely live up to the stereotype, jackass. Mr. Anonymous' hobbies most likely include a nocturnal lifestyle, running in the park (only when a young easily stalked co-ed is nearby), and posing in chat rooms as a 14 year old girl. (All things Anonymous people do)

Founded on the afternoon of June 22nd, 2009.


  1. Considering the fact that I am also very barely employed and love to argue about baseball I will be a very close I will be able to add the Cub fan opinion

  2. Also I will post all of my opinions that I also recieve from 670thescore. Which by the way they had a moment for PK today, as he reached 1000 RBI's for his career the other day, which led to the discussion of the top 5 active players in RBI's currently...#5 Being Jim Thome. I was able to get three of the top four players without looking today....can you name the top 4 in no certain order?

  3. I would have to guess Griffey, Sheffield, A-Rod, and Chipper Jones. Although, does Frank Thomas count? If he does, I guess him... let me go check now.

  4. Nice, I only missed one... and I can't believe that I forgot about him. Although, looking at the list, the top 5 isn't that hard. If they made it top 10, it would be a lot tougher.

  5. Ah yes. Mannuelito (sp?). I wouldn't have gotten him or Sheffield.

    By the way, is there anyone in the world that dislikes Griffey. I think he is the most beloved baseball player of all time.

  6. Still an Orioles fan, it's okay to have a favorite NL and AL team in my book...especially when the two teams have an obvious buddy-buddy transaction relationship going (Sosa, Hairston, Pie, etc.) Brian Roberts has been the Cubs' wet dream 2nd baseman for three years now. In related news, I have certain dreams about Brian Robert's wife: