Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clinton-Harold Reynolds Interview

This being my first post, I figured I would drop some knowledge about my fabulous life, and what makes me qualified to run this upstanding blog. I just graduated college, still unemployed, which allows me to watch approximately 14 hours of baseball a day. Most of this viewing comes from a prone position on my mothers couch watching MLB Network. I lean more towards being a pessimistic fan, and nothing gives me more joy than making fun of White Sox players and announcers.

I will now begin my first analysis of an MLB Network segment (an orchestra just began playing music behind me, no fooling).

The Clinton-Reynolds interview begins with Bill sporting what can only be classified as a shit-eating grin. Seriously, Clinton was so close he was either about to eat HR or Monica Lewinsky him. (Is that joke dated? Am I too young to be delivering that joke? Yes. Yes. Proceeding now.) Clinton then decided to back off, and delivered a priceless laughing/smiling/talking moment in which he solidified his position as one of the creepiest presidents of all time. (The top honor goes to Calvin Coolidge).

Bill soon announces that growing up he was a Cardinals fan, but still loves both the Cubs and the Cardinals. His fandom is immediately degraded, however he was the fucking president so we will cut him a break here at YSSW. Sidebar: Why did Clinton accept this interview? Is he that bored? Was he secretly there to give HR tips on sexually harassing women? Maybe there was a convention in town in which the harassers met and traded stories as to how to harass then hold positions of power, such as TV analyst or President of the United States.

Then a moment the real Muhammad Ali would have bit Clinton's ear off occurred. Clinton decided to call Ali and the entire Oklahoma Sooner football progam ballerinas. Ali then proceeded to shake Clinton to death. (Too Far?)

The segment closes with HR saying, "It's pretty cool to be Bill Clinton, huh." That's good analysis Harold.

Only to be topped by the closing line by HR, "Nice talkin' with ya, my man!" I will be stealing that line, thanks Harold.

Nice talkin' with ya, my man! Be cool my babies!

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  1. How happy was Calvin Coolidge that John McCain didn't win the presidency and take over the title as the creepiest Prez of all time?