Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've Got a Confession to Make...

I feel like I need to clear the air of this before we go any further with this blog. I have spent my entire morning mustering up the courage to admit this, but I think that I have finally come to grips with my sin and can come clean.

I have never read Moneyball.

Yes, there, I said it.

I own a copy of the book but have failed to ever read it yet. I bought it back last fall, but it has simply gotten buried on my to-read list since then.

Of course, I have been quite busy. Since purchasing the book, I have my spent time memorizing as much of Three Nights in August as possible, simulated roughly 50 seasons worth of games in MVP Baseball '05, read daily every UniWatch blog post since mid-September, and viewed over 80 Gianna Michaels films (if you are at work and don't know who that is, I don't suggest googling her right now).

Since the dawning of this blog yesterday, I have made it my vow to finish Moneyball ASAP. It is my next book to read after I finish my current one, Shadow of the Silk Road, a romantic telling of a Briton's journey through the Silk Road.

However, until I finally finish Michael Lewis' masterpiece, I will sustain myself with the knowledge I already know about the book:

1. OBP is everything. Hence, the ability for a GM to put up with Jack Cust or Adam Dunn striking out every other at bat. Unfortunately, Chris Davis, you may be shit out of luck right now.
2. Billy Beane and Nick Swisher had nightly fellatio sessions.
3. Apparently, Beane is a hottie.

So there you have it. The cat is out of the bag. Now we can all move on. I expect to be torn a new one over this.


  1. I hope Gianna Michaels is a pornstar.

  2. So I was listening to the Score as I usually do at work, and Danny Mac told a story about how years ago Buehrle was pitching and had friends having a bachelor party in a suite. After finishing an inning pitching he ran up to the suite to visit while the Sox were batting, and then made it down the following inning to pitch again. Two things to take from this comment, that had nothing to do with ZP's post. 1) A great topic for blog would be crazy things players have done either between innings or pitching changes(ie manny) 2) What are the odds that Mark pounded a beer while visiting the party?

  3. Rock Raines often did lines of coke in between innings