Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Run Derby

So I had grandiose plans of live bloggging the Home Run Derby, however, Chris Bermann and Joe Morgan began to talk and my ears started bleeding.

Then I attempted again, and after the first back, back, back BACK! I almost murdered a stripper. I'm sorry to disappoint our 6 readers, but you can feel my pain I'm sure.

Instead I shall give you a great Baseball Tonight clip.

This was one thousand times better when I watched it in the bar with no sound, slightly buzzed. I was simply delighted to watch the "Jump the Shark" moment of Baseball Tonight. The only thing that made this better with sound was having the pleasure of hearing EY yell "Booyahh". Also, notice that Chris Singleton is tagged in this clip, however, it is not Chris Singleton (black) it is Eduardo Perez (presumably Mexican, but born in Ohio).

My favorite part of the clip: Buster Olney. He is so far and away the best analyst there, and is so embarassed to be apart of the decline of Baseball Tonight.

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  1. BOOOOYAA!! after i heard that, the first thing I thought was, "wow, that was the best booyaa ever, i wish i could hear it again" Luckily EY came through in the clutch