Friday, July 24, 2009

Matt Holliday A Cardinal

Yes, Holliday is not as good as Halladay, but Riccardi's demands are obviously insane at this point.

I have no problem with this trade at this point because like I said, we could not have acquired Doc. Brett Wallace is blazing through the minors, but I think he is worth giving up for a bat like Holliday. Plus, after the DeRosa trade, I think Mozeliak saw that the Cardinals were on the brink of being the best in the NL and easily being able to blow away anyone else in the division this season. At this point, I think we don't lose another game the rest of the year.

However, I do remember the last blockbuster trade we made with Billy Beane... Mark Mulder... oh, shit.


  1. So you think this means you're officially out of the Halladay sweepstakes? Was Wallace going to be the centerpiece of either trade?

  2. dave must be a genius to conclude that.