Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two bold predictions

I was sitting around watching the Cubs avoid getting swept by the hottest team in baseball when I had two bold predictions for the National League with 65+ games to go:

1.) This isn't really a bold prediction (at all), but with the NL Central race being as close at it is, unless a major Halladay to St. Louis caliber move happens in the next week, the division is going to come down to the last few series of the year, with the leader, I predict, winning 85 games.

Let's take a look at each of the division's contenders' schedules late in the year:

--If Pujols continues to vie for the Triple Crown and the Cardinals play as they have been, they're sitting pretty with their last five series against the Cubs, at Houston, at Colorado, at Cincinnati, and closing it out at home against the Brewers.

--If the Cubs can survive a road trip at St. Louis, at Milwaukee, and at San Francisco, they get rewarded by ending their season at home against two teams (Pirates, Diamondbacks) who won't be playing for anything / already have traded away all their good players by that point (Pittsburgh especially).

--Milwaukee got the shaft by Bud and the gang late in the year, drawing four games against the Phillies and ending the season at Colorado and at St. Louis. My hunch is that the Busch crowd won't let the Cards fuck up a forseeable close division lead at home against the Brewers. Also, as my coworker pointed out one night on the sports desk, "if Felipe Lopez is the key to winning your division, your division sucks anyway." I can't wait until Felipe Lopez becomes the best lead-off in baseball in spite of a medium-sized daily in Central Illinois.

--The Astros suck and their their final two series: at Philly and at New York, cancel each other out.

So after looking at the season down the stretch, I boldy predict that at 85-77, five of those wins coming in clutch at the end of the season, the Cubs will win their third straight NL title (I can't pull a Plaschke and switch my midseason pick already). Although if the Cards acquire Halladay, they're going to be a lock unless Z hits him in the face when he's up to bat.

2.) Second bold prediction, more players are going to wear T-Pain sunglasses like Jayson Werth:


  1. I almost bought a pair of T-Pain signature Oakleys at the Mall of America yesterday. Then I remembered that I was broke.

  2. Bold prediction dead... Cards have Holliday.