Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where In The World Is Pedro Gomez?

I was reading the Dirty Dirty's local newspaper yesterday, when I stumbled across a short article about the possibility of Pujols being on steroids. (I know the tone is different, but as Zach pointed out in the Marriotti posting, how are articles like this any different than the Raul Ibanez accusation or our weekly OSU?) Joe Deacon, the writer, prays that Albert is not on steroids for the sanity of the himself and the game. I joined his prayer vigil. In fact, I think I have sent enough prayers to every god on earth to cover any more shitty sports writers who may also feel inclined to have their own hopes about Pujols.

However, the most important portion of Deacon's article was his subtle mentioning of Pedro Gomez. He reminded me how much I missed Pedro. I miss his in depth reports. I miss his stalker-ish musings about this guy. I miss the way he looks like Taylor Hicks. I miss his out-of-left-field Spanish pronunciations of words. I miss Pedro Gomez a lot.

Gomez joined the ESPN media train back in 2003 and immediately became the resident steroids reporter, which made sense because he went to high school with the greatest baseball player/entertainer ever. He found work quick since that's when Bonds and BALCO blew up. From that moment on, I felt like he and I were best friends since I probably spent more time listening to what he had to say than any other person in my life (four daily viewings of Sportscenter will do that to you). For Pedro, the breaking of the BALCO story lead to him living out of a van and following around Barry Lamar Bonds. I bet he could have used me as a friend.

How hard must have ESPN worked poor Pedro during the years 2003-2008? Think about it, Brett Favre has like four personal reporters. Barry Bonds had a shit ton more stories about himself, and there was only one dude to cover all of it - Pedro fucking Gomez. Something tells me that Pedro has been enjoying his time off by kicking back with strippers, sipping on mojitos, and eating cuban sandwiches. But damn it, Pedro, you work for the media. You need to be reporting to me. Kill those strippers and finish that mojito and delicious sandwich. Get back to work.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has noticed Pedro's absence. In addition to that site, I don't think ESPN even realizes he is still around. Check out this list. When's the last time ESPN has used any of that stuff? (Also note that the third most related topic to Pedro is Carlos Gomez... what the fuck?)

So maybe Pedro is still working, but he has become lost in the shuffle of Brett Favre and the Red Sox. It is truly a shame.

Or maybe he is still just camped outside Bonds' house, down by the river.


  1. Maybe Pedro Gomez could follow Cooly around when he becomes GM of the Cornbelters. To ensure this possibility, Cooly will need to lure Barry Lamar Bonds out of retirement, along with Canseco and McGwire for a Bash Brothers reunion and reunion poster. There is no way Pedro Gomez could stay away. It's just not possible.

  2. Pedro Gomez was always my favorite ESPN reporter: a sexier John Clayton, a cooler Ed Werder. If I wanted to know what Barry Bonds's lawn looked like, Pedro was our guy. I miss him.