Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White Sox Walk up Music

Tremendous Upside Potential did a break down of all the White Sox players' walk up music. Check it out.

The best things about it:

1)The complete stereotypical-ness of the list. The fat old white guys listen to metallica. The black guys listen to the most hood music ever (Yung LA!). Alexi Ramirez listens to something called "Pobre Diablo". Ramon Castro, a song by Daddy Yankee.

2) DJ Carrasco's music: "Boom Boom Pow"- The Black Eyed Peas. I will be nominating him as the inagural "Hudson Evans Player of the Year"

3) Josh Fields mixed Country and Quiet Riot, which is a winning combination.

4) Carlos Quentin is clearly too cool for walk up music.

5) Scott Podsednik stands out the most to me though. His song: "Lets Go" By Trick Daddy Feat. Lil John


In my rush to get this piece done, I forgot about my finale, which included

6) Gordon "Bacon" Beckham has "Your Love" by The Outfield. This is my favorite song, and its rip roaring beat makes the ladies swoon.


  1. How is there no mention of the outfield?

  2. Do you mean the outfielders or the band The Outfield? Clearly someone should be using something by The Outfield as walkup music.

  3. Gordon Beckham does use The Outfield as his walkup music

  4. If my C grade experience in Spanish class serves me well, "pobre diablo" translates to "poor devil."

    Hudson Evans is a good tag.