Thursday, August 27, 2009

The All Fat Team

Last night, I was watching some baseball highlights when lightning struck me, not literally Plaschke. I was watching some Giants highlights when it struck me. Here at YSSW we need to make an All Fat Team. This will consist of the fattest player I can think of at each position. If I miss someone, you are obligated to put the player I missed in the comments section, and berate my lack of intelligence.

Prince Fielder, First Base. Milwaukee Brewers.

Juan Uribe, Second Base. San Francisco Giants.
Edgar Renteria, Shortstop. San Francisco Giants.
Pablo Sandoval, Third Base. San Francisco Giants
Bengie Molina, Catcher. SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!!!

Carlos Lee, Left Field. Houston Astros.
Jay Bruce, Center Field. Cincinnati Reds.
Fernando Tatis, Right Field. New York Mets.
Carsten Charles Sabathia, Pitcher. New York Yankees.
Bobby Jenks, Closer. Chicago White Sox.
Yes, that is right, FOUR Giants on the All Fat Team. Sure Renteria may be a stretch, but shortstop is full of skinny guys. I suppose I could have put Yunie Betancourt, but 4 Giants makes the list look funnier.


  1. Um.....Your picture of Vlad is indeed not Vlad

    Also how does Matt Stairs not make this cut?

  2. O, yea. Because I meant to change it to Fernando Tatis. It is in fact Fernando Tatis.

  3. Lou Piniella, Manager. Chicago Cubs.

    David Wells, Pitching Coach. Seven Months Pregnant.

    Tony Gywnn, Hitting Coach. Jabba The Hut.

    Chris Berman, MLB Announcer Wannabe. ESPN.

    Pirate's Parrot, Mascot. Pittsburgh Pirates.

  4. I don't know about the mascot choice. I think the Philly Phanatic could give the Parrot a run for its money.

    And Don Zimmer has to be the bench coach, right?