Thursday, August 6, 2009

All Time Team: Left Field

We here at YSSW have decided to bring our hordes of readers a little treat: The All Time Team. Since we have time to kill, page space to waste, and well, time to kill this is what we are going to give you over the next couple of weeks. In addition to the great content that our website spews out on a semi-daily basis.

Basically, we will be nominating one player for each position as the greatest of all time. We will also nominate 5 starters, and one closer. To do this, we will be listing out a few of the best candidates, then giving their merits, and finally selecting a winner. There will also be a Worst All-Time Nominee, which will have little explanation as to why we've selected the candidate. Possible examples: Juan Gonzalez, Gary Gaetti, Norv Turner, or Julio Zuleta. You get the idea. The first position covered will be...


Well, this is really a two horse race. Can you guess the two? Go fuck yourself. Don't ruin the surprise, just chillax.

When we talk about all around ball players Rickey Henderson has to be in the conversation. Granted, he may be fairly low on your conversation list, but if you just so happen to be having this debate with him you best know who Rickey be picking. "Rickey's the best! Rickey's the best!" Unfortunately for Rickey, he does not get a say in this argument, and to be the left fielder of my All Time Team you better be more than a great lead off man. Rickey's numbers are there 24 seasons, 3,055 H/297 HR/ 1,115 RBI/.279/.401/.419. 10 Time All Star, 1 MVP, Leads All Time SB by 500, 2nd in career walks. For this team, the left fielder is going to have to be special though. A once in a lifetime player.

This brings us to Carl Yastrzemski. Once in a lifetime player: sure an argument can be made. He does have a triple crown under his belt, which is a fairly nice feat. He also has 18 All Star appearances and 1 MVP. Yaz's numbers: 22 seasons, 3,419 H/452 HR/ 1,844 RBI/ .285/.447/ .600. Yea, that's not a lie, .447 OBP and a .600 Slugging. This is why he is considered. Not only that, but he has had a lot of postseason success, even though his teams may not have pulled in many World Series Rings. That was out of his control though. While these numbers are ridiculous, they still don't get him in the top two. The only two in that category are:

Barry Lamar Bonds. Did he do steroids? Surely. Is he an arrogant prick? Certainly, just ask Jeff Kent. Was he extremely good at baseball? Absolutely. He has an insane amount of MVP's (7), leads all time in home runs, home runs in a single season, walks, intentional walks, 14 All star nods, 8 Gold Gloves. His baseball talent was off the charts. When he was a skinny little guy, he was the greatest 5 tool player in the game. He could steal a base, had a cannon arm, could field with the best of them. When he was a bloated monster, he saw approximately 80 strikes a year and hit 70 of them for home runs. He was two distinctly different players, both equally good. Just check out his numbers: 21 seasons, 2,935 H/ 762 HR/ 1,996 RBI/ .298/ .444/ .607. He also had a 1.66 BB/K and 514 SB. He was exceptional. He would be my choice, except for one guy.

Ted Williams. He was the greatest. Not only that his prime years he spent killing Tojos. Apparently, he was damn good at that too. But since I know very little about fighter pilots, I will not be naming him to the All Time Tojo Killing Team. I do know some things about baseball, and this guy hit .400 for an entire season! That's a lot of times. 17 Time All star, 2 MVP's, Leader in OBP, 2 Triple Crowns, 7th all time in BA. His career numbers: 17 seasons, 2,654 H/ 521 HR/ 1,831 RBI/ .344/ .482/ .634. Mind you, He lost 4 seasons in his prime to killing people. His numbers could only have gotten better. While none of these candidates were below average fielders, Ted had a 2.0 Range Factor late in his career, while Bonds had approximately 1 Range Factor and a negative UZR. Williams had it all. Hit for power, average, could play defense. This man was a hitting machine, and that is why he is the All Time Teams Left fielder.

Worst All Time: Brant Brown


  1. I'm going to have to throw Soriano out there. That guy is f'n brutal. At least Brant Brown was not on the hook for $135 million over 86 years or however long his contract his.

  2. I would like to nominate Chris Duncan for all time worst.

  3. I would like to nominate Eric Byrnes. He's fucking terrible, and the only reason he starts is because he plays in Arizona, and even then he has lost a lot of at bats.

  4. I second Chris Duncan. Especially after witnessing people getting hammered in bars and buying rounds around St. Louis in celebration of him getting traded. No joke.

  5. I stopped reading this post after you said Gary Gaetti was not good.

  6. I was wondering if anyone would call me on that. I was a little ashamed, then I looked at his website one more time.