Friday, August 14, 2009

All Time Team: Right Field

Cooly and I makes some picks for who is the best Right Fielder ever, and you guys get to argue if we were right, and who we left out. Without further ado:

Right Field

ZACH: Let's start this debate by throwing out the two names that don't quite make the upper echelon of the Right Field debate: Tony Gwynn and Ichiro.

I really struggled on whether or not I should put Tony
Gwynn in this debate, mainly because his high, nasally voice makes me want to punch him. He is no where near the caliber of player that the two main guys are (settle down, you will find them out shortly). However, Tony Gwynn was one of the greatest hitters of his generation, and I owe it to him and baseball to at least show his stat line: 19 seasons (not quite as long as most people we've been bringing up), 3,141 H/ 1,383 R/ 135 HR/ .338 AVG/ .388 OBP/ .459 SLUG. 15 time All Star, 7 time silver slugger, 5 time gold glove winner, and he never batted below .309 in a full season. Yea, maybe he isn't too much better than say Robin Yount, but when I was little I remember Gwynn as simply a great contact hitter. For that, I am putting him in the arguement.

COOLY: I really wanted to pick Ichiro. I am known to have a little yellow fever like the guy who picks the Hot Baseball Wife over at Ump Bump. But I couldn’t. There are simply too many greats who have roamed right field in the end. However, let me throw out Ichiro’s numbers just so that he can be in the discussion at least. He broke into the league in 2001 at the age of 27. In the past eight and a half seasons he has put up a gaudy line of 1972 H/ 951 R/ 80 HR/ 333 AVG/ .378 OBP/ .433 SLG, and 338 SB. He has never had fewer than 200 hits (I’m counting on him doing it again this year) or played less than 157 games. This dude is the real machine that ESPN should be annoying. Ichiro has lead the league in hits five times (and is on pace to do so again this year) and batting average (and intentional walks… WTF?) twice. In his rookie season, he pulled a Fred Lynn and wrapped up the ROY and MVP. Also tack on 9 All Star selections and 8 Gold Gloves. All of this after being a three time MVP with the Blue Wave. Oh, and he wants to pitch eventually.

ZACH: Now it comes down to the only two guys really in this debate: Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. Which one would you take? One was the model of a consistent home run hitter for decades, the other revolutionized the game into a power friendly sport.

Hank Aaron did everything right at the plate. He hit for average, he hit for power, and he was up there almost every game for somewhere around 64 seasons. His actual stat line: 23 seasons, 3,771 H/ 2,174 R/ 755 HR/ 2,297 RBI/ .305/ .374/ .555. Gaudy. Every number on there makes him sound like a freak. He could also steal some bases, 31 in 1963, and was regarded as an above average right fielder. Both of these guys home run prowess has already been covered enough, but his consistency made him great. 21 time All Star, one MVP, one World Series. Holds the record for most career RBI, extra base hits, and total bases. All time he is 3rd in hits, 4th in runs, 2nd in at bats, and 3rd in games.

Babe Ruth made baseball great. Babe Ruth was not a baseball player, he was a legend, a tall tale. Any story that is around now about the Babe is surely of mythological status. How many athletes have ever reached that peak? Babe Ruth has better numbers than just about everyone who has ever played baseball, with the exception of Hank Aaron, but he did it in a time when these numbers were unheard of. 20 seasons, 2,873 H/ 2,174 R/ 714 HR/ 2,217 RBI/ .342/ .474/ .690. Seriously, look at his on base and slugging!!! They are remarkable. His awards don't really transfer, well, because they didn't have awards when he played. However he did win 7 World Series, 10th highest BA of all time, and highest slug, and OPS all time. He is often regarded as the greatest player of all time, and I can not argue with that. When Ruth was in his prime he hit home runs better than anyone in the history of the game. While he did not quite have the longevity of Aaron, his numbers were put together in such a short period of time, he is unquestionably the greatest home run hitter ever.

COOLY: I have to pick Hank Aaron. He transcended the game the way Jackie Robinson did while also crushing the Babe’s record. If I had to choose one man to ever represent baseball, it would be Aaron.

And that is my second black player. Now you know why I couldn’t pick Cobb to be on my team.

Zach: My pick is Ruth. He changed how people thought of baseball players. He made baseball a national passtime, and beloved by everyone. He hit home runs, then was so cool he would tag children in to run the bases for him. That is a badass. O, not to mention Billy Beane would have a heart attack if he had the opportunity to acquire Ruth.

That makes 0 black people for me, and three players that played before WWII. You would think I was raised a Red Sox fan.

Cooly's Worst – Trot Nixon

Zach's Worst- Eric Byrnes. I didn't call Byrnes' name in either of the other posts, and this was my last chance.


  1. I mentioned Eric Byrnes in a previous comment, I think about left field. He sucks.

  2. My worst would either be Glenn Allen Hill or Matt Stairs