Sunday, August 2, 2009


Look at these beauties. Bill Wedman has been found.

These photos only took me four hours to rip off my recently obtained copy of Little Big League. I know that they are shitty looking and have "Evaluation Copy" stamped on them, but now you know why we run this site on blogspot. I suck at real computer nerd shit.

But I figured getting up some sort of Wedman pics would be better than nothing. I feel like I have found the Holy Grail.


  1. If we could get the third one, just shoulders and face in stunned look, as our pic for the site, twitter, facebook we should try that.

  2. I used the second one. I think it looks better with the Twins hat. I'm so proud of my shitty screen caps.

  3. I think the shitty quality with EVALUATION COPY stamped on(did you screen cap these off your XBOX?)is kinda perfect for a site like this, actually.