Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Holliday Better Than Thanksgiving

According to today, Matt Holliday looks to be interested in staying with the Cardinals beyond this season.

After trading for him in late July, I thought that the Cards would have a chance to sign Holliday long term. He grew up in Oklahoma and a Cards fan. Plus, the Cards have had a recent history of appeasing Boras with the Lohse and Ankiel situations. Lastly, he loves the National League. According to my three strikes policy in making arguments, that means he's a lock.

So far today I have done much celebrating and gloating because it means a greater chance of more of this, this, this, and this in the years to come as a Cards fan. While there will be much more of this, this, this, and this for those confined in Wrigley with board game genius roaming right field.

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