Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reactions To The Big Papi Press Conference

Well, how disappointing was that? Big Papi simply sat there claiming he never did anything anywhere. And are we really supposed to believe that he didn't spend his offseasons in the Dominican with a bed of needles?

After the first few moments, in which Michael Weiner was completely dissed when the announcer introduced him but then said that of course David Ortiz needed none, I started flipping between the press conference and the True Hollywood Story of Rachael Ray. Yes, that's how boring I found it.

Part of the reason for the channel surfing? Big Papi had to share his perfectly trimmed beard and conference with a huge Weiner the whole time. Seriously, where the fuck did they find this guy? (Unfortunately, no pics on the press wire yet) I could see right through his combover. I would stare straight at this noggin the entire time he was talking. The dude needs a new haircut. Plus, he was super weird and creepy. He was the kind of middle aged guy who stands in the corner at a college bar sipping on an Amstel Light, just waiting for a drunk 20-year-old to slip up and need some "help getting home."

Throughout the coverage, only two screens of stats flashed up. One showed Big Papi's stats with the Red Sox pre-2008 versus those from '08-'09. The other displayed the players who have been confirmed to be on the 2003 list (Big Papi, Manny, Bonds, A Rod, Sosa, and future HOFs David Segui and Jason Grimsley). Really ESPN graphics department? You had all week to prepare for this and you came up with only these two bits of info to flash up? Maybe you should have used the OSU post I wrote on Tuesday.

Another thought... how smart were Segui and Grimsley to do steroids? They would have never been remembered in baseball history for their play. However, due to the Steroids Era and Mitchell Report, they will live on forever. Genius.

Last thought... Eduardo Perez is the worst interpreter of all time.

But now that I think about it, I should have expected nothing, right? ESPN spent all week building it up, of course it had to disappoint. In fact, afterwards, Chris McKendry and others tried to make a news story out of the numbers regarding positive tests that were realized before the conference. I work in accounting. I know that numbers are completely made up and bullshit. Don't try to feed me anything about how fewer players were on steroids than originally thought.

What a pointless press conference. I don't even care about who did steroids any more. I'm simply tired of having the Union throw bullshit at me. Can't we just carry on already?

*** UPDATE ***

Here are some pics of Weiner I was able to find on the newswire:

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  1. My favorite person to come out with their steroid use: Bronson Arroyo. Think about it, on a slow news day if he came out with his steroid use it would have been huge. I know Arroyo is basically no good, but he was a key member to the world series team (remember the corn rows). Instead he chose the perfect time to say he was juicing, right after Big Papi and Manny were caught. I now like Bronson Arroyo infinitely more because he is clearly a genius.