Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revised Cubs WAR pie

One of our favorite sites, umpbump.com, has been calculating WAR pies for several MLB teams this season, one of them being for my beloved Cubs. For casual fans, a WAR pie basically breaks down the individual value/production each player brings to their club and displays it neatly in a USA Today-friendly pie chart.

Let's take a look at the Cubs WAR pie one more time, beautifully drawn up by umpbump's Nick Kapur:

Upon first glance, this seems accurate for 2009. But then I watched the Cubs recent series against the Dodgers, and I decided that umpbump's pie needed a few adjustments.

So behold, YSSW's first foray into WAR pies, with an assessment of the Cubs:

Yep, that's a steaming pile of shit. Any questions?


  1. Haha. Poetic. Sarcastic. Bashes the Cubs. Genius.

  2. Honestly I'm just pissed they're not giving Bobby Scales any more credit.

  3. Did anyone else notice Soriano isn't even a piece of the pie? (rightfully so)

  4. Because he has negative WAR. Yes, your highest paid player is worse than a generic replacement player.

  5. True but lets all jump on the Milton Bradley bandwagon so we can have a better seat to yell "racial and mean comments" at him.

    Man the cubs outfield is fucking terrible.