Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why Players Get Booed.

By now, nobody wants to talk about steroids and baseball, other than those honored to be in OSU. That at least is actually mildly entertaining. People that actually try to debate anything about steroids with nothing but the most abject honesty are borderline clinically retarded. It's like trying to debate politics. You'll never get anywhere.

I recently had the honor – the privilege – of listening to Kevin Slaten discuss steroids with St. Louis area residents. Why he bothered, I don’t even know. If there’s one thing I’ve learned listening to Kevin Slaten, it’s that he caters to an absolutely pathetic crowd of callers. I’m assuming the only way he is still in business is because there are people out there – me included – that like to try to prove him wrong and, even though he’s usually a blatant asshole about it, he slams them into the ground, usually with a decent amount of proof. If I met the guy, I would still want to punch him in the face (because he’s a dick...and he looks like an old, white Fat Joe), but I have to say I find his show entertaining.

But I digress…

As I previously mentioned, he was discussing steroids and baseball, as every sportscaster on this godforsaken planet – probably even sportscasters in Ulan Bator, Mongolia – do, when he went off on the tangent of how St. Louis fans are terrible for booing Manny Ramirez. He called them hypocrites for not booing anyone else on steroids, and pointed out almost every other team in the MLB did not deride anyone like Cards fans did to Manny Ramirez. I swear I’ve heard him say St. Louis fans are among the worst in the nation. I wanted to call in and prove a point, but I was almost certain he would insult me like he does everyone else. I wouldn’t even be able to get out words. Slaten continued to point out that Andy Pettitte didn’t get booed. Neither will Big Papi, probably. He used these as his main points to argue that it was rude of St. Louis fans to boo Manny Ramirez. At one point, he said that if you’re going to boo Ramirez, you might as well boo every member of your home team, Pujols included, because it’s probable they have used steroids at one point or another (which is true).

Slaten has seemed to forget a very important point. Ramirez is a proven asshole. He’s even admitted it. When he says, “That’s just Manny being Manny,” he’s not saying, “Heyyy, I’m just a goofy, off-center guy.” He’s saying, as clearly as possible, “I’m a rotting douchebag, and if you don’t like it, you can git out!” Oh, AND HE QUIT ON HIS OLD TEAM [insert # here] DIFFERENT TIMES! People boo doucherockets. Barry Bonds, anyone? Jason Giambi wasn’t a dick, so he hasn’t gotten booed. AND he had a mustache. Andy Pettitte, other than his steroid use, has been a pretty stand-up guy. Not much controversy outside the ‘roids. Big Papi, despite his name being in the report, is still one of the most loveable guys in the sport. They don’t get booed because **gasp** they aren’t morons. For all his points, Slaten has a sad tendency to get lost in his monologue he calls a talk show and fails to see the larger picture. Namely ANY picture outside of his POV.

By the way, props to Bud Selig for being mum on this. He’s continuously proving himself to be the single most inept commissioner in history. Commissioner Gordon was better in dealing with the Joker than Selig is in dealing with adversity. Let’s call this All-Star Game a tie. I still can’t believe that. A MAJOR LEAGUE UMPIRE fist-bumped the winning catcher after a game? No comment…yet. This is arguably one of the more disgusting things to happen to the MLB in any form, beaten in the official world only by one Tim Donaghy. If you’ve ever seen the series Band of Brothers, Selig is the equivalent of 1st Lt. Norman Dike. “What’s that? Shit’s going down? I’m uh…gonna retreat to my lake house.” One can only hope there’s a 1st Lt. Speirs out there.


  1. I refuse to acknowledge this post because it shows compelling evidence of possible Pujols steroid use.

  2. You DO realize by posting this comment you are in fact acknowledging this post?

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