Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baseball Tonight's Failure

Has Baseball Tonight said anything intelligent in the past 3 years????

John Kruk gave us this little gem (mind you, I only turned on Baseball Tonight for 3 seconds to see if they were showing Vikings highlights):

"Nick Swisher does not get enough credit for this Yankees division championship"

OK, granted, Nick Swisher is really gritty, and has the heart of a lion (it was a surgical procedure done in early 2003). I know Swisher shaves his facial hair really stupid, and sometimes dyes his hair bad. These things do not make him good at baseball.

Nick Swisher has a WAR of 2.6 as of September 1st (UmpBump). That makes him good for 9th best on the team. He really stepped up in the absence of Xavier Nady whose WAR last year was 4.0. Clearly by being a worse player and more of a goofball, excelling greatly in hi jinx, Swisher has made the Yankees a far better team than last year.

Seriously, I turned on Baseball Tonight for 1 minute (no exaggeration) and they said something stupid. Using that logic, in a 60 minute show they would say 60 stupid things. I honestly think that may be an underestimate.