Monday, September 21, 2009

Obvious Steroids User 9/21/09

In a first for our weekly post, the suggestion for this week's OSU comes from a regular reader of our blog, Bob.

However, the newest member of the club is not the first from the early-2000's Giants squad. In fact, I think I will slowly but surely have every member of that team inducted into the OSUC by the end of this blog's lifetime.

RICH AURILIA has the distinction of being this week's Obvious Steroids User.

Although I certainly can't dog Rich for being a fan of Jewish rap groups, his ridiculous 2001 season raises some eyebrows about steroid use. On his way to winning the Silver Slugger Award, Aurilia put up this line:

206 H/ 114 R/ 37 HR/ 97 RBI/ .324 AVG/ .369 OBP/ .572 SLG%

Up until that season, he put up a line of 61 HR/ 257 RBI/ .270 AVG/ .327 OBP/ .419 SLG% in 575 games. So he did certainly have a little pop compared to an average shortstop going into the season. But 37 homers and .572 SLG% of pop naturally... probably not.

By the end of 2001, Aurilia ended up leading the NL in hits and put up A-Rod-like numbers at shortstop for a Giants team that finished second in the NL West to the Byung-Hyun Kim-lead Diamondbacks. So many parts of that sentence sound so wrong to all that is right in the baseball world.

After that season, he has put up a line of 88 HR/ 401 RBI/ .270 AVG/ .332 OBP/ .415 SLG% in 917 games. Jesus, looks kind of familiar, right? Oh yeah, outside of the homers and RBI, IT IS EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME AS BEFORE 2001!

I mean, I can understand, with famously steroids-connected players like Barry Bonds, Marvin Bernard, and Benito Santiago around the clubhouse, getting jealous of their performances can be quite a motivation for the juice. Or they could also be just easy access.

All I know is that for your ridiculous 2001 season, you are now in the OSUC, Rich Aurilia.


  1. Don't make fun of Benito, he was a beautiful man... Wait a second... That was acne on his face? He was like 60? I thought acne stopped at 16?

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