Monday, September 7, 2009

Obvious Steroids User 9/7/09

I've decided to change it up a little this week and do something slightly different for the weekly OSU post.

I wanted to open up a discussion about which Hall of Famer Jose Canseco says used steroids back when he first announced his proclamation... but eventually forgot. However, this weekend's big fight brings Jose back to the media forefront and back into our collective mind here at Start Wedman. This now gives me the perfect opportunity to look at who Jose says used 'roids.

I honestly do believe Canseco on this announcement too. So far, he has not failed to be wrong about any steroids user he has accused. When I look at it, I think he has everything to lose if he is wrong. By saying things that are right, he automatically pulls in readers for his next tell all books because of his credibility. I can guarantee you that no one read his other two books expecting to be wowed by his great literary work. Everyone read it for a laugh (at his fourth-grade-level writing ability) and to learn names of users.

If he's wrong, his credibility's shot. If that's gone, there is no point to read his books. (Unless you are like Zach or I and will still read for the gut busting sentence constructions) It's that simple.

I suspect that Jose was able to make this accusation based off the fact that he saw the player actually using (as he has with many of his others). When looking over Canseco's career, he has played with four Hall of Famers over the years - Nolan Ryan, Dennis Eckersley, Wade Boggs, and Rickey Henderson.

Right away, I am going to rule out Eckersley. The dude was too fucking scrawny and had too fucking awesome of a mustache to be on steroids. Plus, when you look at his stats, nothing really pops out. Sure, the K/9 ratio went up later in his career, but that was due to his conversion to a closer, not the juice, I suspect.

I will also take Boggs out of further discussion at this point because his overall consistency never indicates any use. Except for that fluke-ish season of 24 dingers, he aged naturally throughout his career. He was always a slap hitter with another sweet 'stache and constantly receding hairline.

That leaves just Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson, and honestly, an argument can be made for either.

Ryan threw freakishly hard until his mid-40's. Although his numbers really never shot up, did he have an amazing, one-of-a-kind rubber arm or was there something fishy going on? Other things that work against Ryan - similarity to Roger Clemens, ties to the Texas Rangers, and the fact that he was able to throw a ball 100 fucking MPH at the age of 45!

However, I personally don't think that Nolan Ryan did steroids. I will use the patented Three Strike Theory to rule him out.

1. He was out of the game by the time the steroids era really took off. He retired after the '93 season and put up more mediocre numbers in his time in Texas.
2. Do you really think that Nolan Ryan would allow a dumbass like Jose Canseco to talk him into steroids?
3. Nolan Ryan is the ultimate baseball hard ass. Whenever he was in pain, I bet he knocked back some Advil with a full case of Busch heavy. Plus, if anyone ever accused Ryan of steroid use, I imagine he would end up a lot like Robin Ventura.

That leaves me with Rickey Henderson. Much to Zach's dismay, Rickey would be my pick for the Hall of Famer that has used steroids if I had to bet my life on the choice. Think about it, he did play freakishly long considering the wear and tear he put on his body sliding into bases all the time. When you look at his numbers, he did have a little more pop than the rest of the lead-off hitters of his day (those 28 dingers in '90 do not bode well when you considered his locker neighbors). Also, up until Soriano came around only hitting first pitch fastballs, he did hold the record for most lead-off homers.

And yes, I know that home run numbers do not tell the whole story or automatically turn someone into a steroid user. However, his thunderous thighs and glorious guns don't necessarily make him the most innocent of the bunch listed in his post. Sorry, Zach.

Who do you think is the Hall of Famer Jose referred to? Give your thoughts and opinons in the comments and the first ever Start Wedman poll below!

Also, good luck against Rodney this weekend, Jose.


  1. Of course it would be Ricky Henderson, would someone who thought they were that bad ass not take steroids?

  2. Of course everyone thinks its Ricky, cause all ya'll are racists...
    Well that may not be true.
    But let's take a quick look at Nolan Ryan. Yes, whitebred could never have taken steroids blah blah..
    But he is a power pitcher from Texas. Can you say Roger Clemens, Andy Petite etc.?

  3. I like the way you think 2ta.

    "Rickey's the best! Rickey's the best!"

    Also, did we really have 17 people vote on this poll? Do people actually read this shit?

  4. Also, using micro poll, I see that people from Connecticut and California are adamant about it being Rickey Henderson.