Friday, September 18, 2009

What Else You Got? Oh Milton Bradley

This is probably the greatest post-game interview I have ever heard. Also I think this should confirm the rumors that Bradley will not be a Cub next year. And what are the odds that he went and found a hooker to beat the shit out of after this? Well here is Milton Bradley's post game interview yesterday after basically taking himself out of the game.......

Asked about a problem with his legs, he said: ''I'm not talking about that. What else you got?''

Reporter: Why did you come out of the game?
Bradley: ''I got knee inflammation. I got two knee surgeries, and that happens when you got knee surgery, in case you don't know. What else you got?''

Reporter: It flared up?
Bradley: ''What else you got?''

Reporter: How long will you be out?
Bradley: ''What else you got? You got anything significant?''

Reporter: An injury is significant.
Bradley: ''What else you got? What else you got?''

Reporter: Was there a problem after you came out?
Bradley: ''What else you got? I mean, you got any real questions?''

Reporter: Lou wouldn't do a postgame; that's pretty rare for him.
Bradley: ''If I had a choice, I wouldn't do it, either. What else you got?''

Reporter: Trying to find out what happened.
Bradley: ''You got some baseball questions, I can answer them. But [if not] I ain't got nothing for you.''

Reporter: So you came out because of the knee?
Bradley: ''You got anything else? I mean, broken record.''

Reporter: That was a strange scene.
Bradley: ''It's strange? It's strange when a guy hurt comes off [the field]?''

Reporter: Yeah, I didn't see a trainer, didn't see the pinch-runner go out there first.
Bradley: ''OK, it's strange.''

Reporter: The scene was?
Bradley: ''I'm out.''

Lou says this was no big deal, but after all this drama that has been building up he then decides to skip his post-game interview, which Lou will rarely do because he loves to yell at the media. Either way Bradley: HE GONE!

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