Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Douche Series

Maybe it is just the naive Midwesterner coming out in me, but does anyone else notice that the two biggest douche cities from the East Coast are sending their teams to the World Series?

Okay, sure you could probably argue that Boston might be douchier than New York (there is no way you can argue that Philly isn't number one). But in my mind, that city elevated itself from douchey to awesome once I saw Mark Wahlberg in The Departed.

And as Coley Ward has pointed out at Ump Bump, who do you root for? Either team that wins will cause a lot of really annoying fans to be running around this nation. Maybe Obama should push nationalized health care through more quickly since the end of this series will probably end with either thousands of cheesesteak lovers or Seinfeld look-a-likes with broken noses.

Although I don't want them to do it, I think the Yankees take the Series in seven games. I count on CC shutting down the Phillies lineup by pitching at least 36 innings in the Series.

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