Friday, October 9, 2009

Playoff Rally Tradition?

Time after time in the MLB playoffs rally towels and different traditions form. Football seems most know for rally towels, but come playoff time every team will bust out some sort of tradition.

Is it acceptable to say that the rally towels (white) played a roll in Matt Holliday missing that fly ball last night?

Honestly, I believe it did play a part in him missing the ball. MLB needs to set some sort of rule for this. In no way is it fair for a game to be decided by a fly ball missed because of alleged white towels blending in the ball background.

Holliday says he lost the ball in the lights, which makes everything I just said have no relevance. Wainwright, the starting pitcher from last night, argues that they towels did make all the difference. Here was his opinion:

"It doesn't really seem fair that an opposing team should be able to allow their fans to shake white towels when there's a white baseball flying through the air. How about Dodger Blue towels?"

Either way MLB needs to take a closer look at this in the offseason, and they will. The most interesting part of this story is yet to come, though. I'm excited to see how the Cardinal fans will retaliate with their own towels. Either way the Cardinals are done! Here is my prediction for the rest of the playoffs:

Dodgers over Cardinals
Phillies over Rockies

Angels over Red Sox
Yankees over Twins

Phillies over Dodgers

Angels over Yankees

World Series:
Angels over Phillies
MVP: Chone Figgins----Which will up his FA price even more

Who gives a shit about Rally Towels anyways? Rally Monkey anyone?!


  1. I forgot to take picks, so here are mine at this point:

    Cards over Dodgers (I'm an idiot, yes)
    Rockies over Phillies

    Cards over Rockies

    Yankees over Twins
    Angels over Red Sox

    Angels over Yankees

    Cards over Angels

  2. This was stupid. Garcia should work at Taco Bell instead of Start Wedman.

  3. It's basically written to bash the Cardinals because I hate them....and to rub it into Cooly that they are now done for because Holiday cant catch a fly ball.....huge difference between a series tied at 1, and an 0-2 hole

  4. I think that Bill DeWitt told Holliday to blow that catch so that we can afford him this offseason. Clearly after that botched catch, no one wants to sign him.

  5. really, i just wanted to somehow mention the rally monkey to help support my bid for the Angels to win it all.

  6. My picks:

    Dodgers over Cardinals (not what I would have picked Monday)

    Phillies over Rockies

    Red Sox over Angels

    Yankees over Team that should be the Tigers

    Dodgers over Phillies

    Yankees over Red Sox (shoot me)

    Yankees over Dodgers (I will call it the shitty NY bouroughs battle)