Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are You Interested?

Over on MLBTraderumors, they have been keeping a close watch on the whole Aroldis Chapman situation and hyping us up for the feeding frenzy of a bidding war that will happen later this winter.

It's all great.  I like to be kept up to date about things like this.  However, my RSS feed has been clogged with posts mentioning teams that are "interested" in Chapman.  So far, they have counted up that the Braves, Orioles, Cardinals, White Sox, Red Sox, Cubs, Yankees, Mets, Athletics, Tigers, Mariners, and Giants all have "interest" in signing the lefty.  Hell, there isn't much to dislike about him.  I mean, the dude is a young lefty with a crafty slider and hundred-mile-an-hour heater.

But do I really need all of these updates of interest?  Shouldn't every team in the Majors be interested in this guy if they like to put together a team of baseball players?  Shit, I mean, the fucking CornBelters are probably interested.  Even my slow-pitch softball team is.

All I'm saying is that all of these updates are really not interesting or groundbreaking.  And if anything, can we maybe change the term from "interested" to "possibly considering and willing to enter the bidding war that will happen." That would be better.

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  1. Now the Marlins are in the game!


    This is just getting ridiculous.