Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun With UmpBump

Actually, since UmpBump is 10,000 times cooler than us, we are just having fun with something UmpBump said. However, we may be more hood than UmpBump (They have an Asian and a girl, we have a fat kid and a bunch of white dudes. Respective amounts of hood=0, looks like its a draw). Anyways, UmpBump did their thang, and analyzed what the Giants need to do this offseason.

UmpBump clearly shows that the Giants are in desperate need of a higher team OBP. You know which player is great at putting up high OBP numbers... Milton Bradley. Seriously, I think that Milton could thrive in San Francisco. Think about the positives: they are on the West Coast so no one cares about them, their fans love douche bags, and they have no offensive threats, so he will be the best player on the team.

I seriously think this is absolutely going to be Milton's destination as soon as the Cubs get rid of him. However, it is equally fun to think about how Milton will wind up with the Giants.

1) I think the most likely thing that will occur is the Cubs simply waive Bradley, and eat everything remaining on his salary. I know, that is $21 million with the buyout, but Ricketts hates Bradley. I know this because I listened to Ricketts indirectly say that he wanted nothing to do with Bradley on 670 The Score 600 times in 3 press conferences. Ricketts wants nothing to do with Bradley, and I'm guessing the rest of the league is on to this.

2) The Cubs trade Bradley for Aaron Rowand and pay most of Bradley salary. The Giants want to get rid of Rowand. They have made that known. Rowand has not had the offensive numbers that they were hoping out of him, and he makes $12 million a year until 2012. The Cubs have lots of money, and are in need of a good defensive centerfielder. Why not take a chance with a guy who loves the Bears and is well loved in the city. Certainly, switching from the more spacious AT&T Park to the more cozy Wrigley would contribute a boost in his offensive numbers. And honestly, would anyone on the North Side of town not like having the fire and the passion playing for the Cubs?

3) The last way the Cubs could trade Bradley seems a little wacky. Trade Bradley strait up for Barry Zito. Please tell me if this sounds insane, but I don't think it does. Zito's contract is huge ($64.5 million over 4 remaining years). At least the Cubs would be getting something possibly useful in return. Yes, Barry Zito isn't that good anymore. But when posed with the situation of eating $21 million nothing in return, eating $18 million and paying $36 million, or just paying $63 million for a guy that might be able to take the place of a number 4 starter, would you think about this?

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  1. I think that Option #2 would be the most plausible. The Cubs need a centerfielder who doesn't suck, and the Giants need Bradley's bat, as you stated. Plus, I think Ricketts woudl be willing to eat the money in order to have Rowand's quality glove.