Friday, December 11, 2009

The Greatest Baseball Sporcle Quizzes

It's Friday and I don't feel like doing a ton of work, so I'm going to give you the greatest Baseball Sporcle quizzes. For those of you who do not know what Sporcle is... prepare to have the rest of your day wasted.

MLB Teams Last MVP Not only is this one fun, but it is a little tricky. Funniest moments: Putting Clemente for the Pirates. Being outraged Canseco was not the A's answer. Realizing the Indians have sucked for a long time. Realizing the Mets suck even worse. My score 22/30

Kenny Lofton Teams Easy until you realize they give you 1 minute. My score 8/11

.400 Hitters Um... Ted Williams???

HR Leaders of the 1990's Hilarious to laugh at steroids. Juan Gonzalez!!!!. My score 12/24

300 Win Pitchers
I guess I didn't realize how little I knew about pitchers. My score 9/24

Home Run Leaders A-Z
This is a good one. I'm ashamed I did not get C. Matty better get U. And if anyone gets Z, they are the coolest person alive. My score 11/25

2008 MLB Leaders This would have been much easier if it were 2009. 16/28

Real tough. I only got the Blue Jays because I read about him today. 14/30

MLB Managers Here is a hint, it's spelled Scoscia. 21/30

MLB Retired Jerseys Fun if you have time to kill. I did it awhile ago. I don't remember my score.

MLB Wins Leaders A-Z Again, I don't know pitching history. 7/25

WS Droughts Note #1. 8/10

Silver Slugger (Pitcher) This one's for you Big Z

Single Season HR Leaders **Cough** Steroids **Cough** 2001 Dodgers is easily the best. Followed closely by Brady Anderson. 43/53

Stolen Base Leaders Rickey's the Best! Rickey's the Best!

There are a ton more, too! Have fun. Sorry I ruined a completely useful Saturday.


  1. Spelling really hurts my ability to do well on these, but they are kick ass. Also where is all the reporting on all of the trades that have gone down? Come on team

  2. 24 on the MVP's

    7 for Kenny Lofton

    .400....fuck that

    11 on the 1990's HR's

    7 on 300 win pitchers

    9 on the HR A to Z...I did terrible

    11 on the 2008 MLB Leaders...ouch

    8 GM's

    18 for Managers

    Retired Jerseys not attempted

    5 for MLB Wins A to Z

    8 for the WS Droughts

    15 for Silver Slugger

    39 on Single Season Shawn Green

    Stolen Bases..Ricky...Joe Morgan?