Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exploring Damon

We don't do a lot of free agent speculation here at Start Wedman, but this is too juicy of a tidbit to let go. What if Johnny Damon signs with the San Fransisco Giants?

How else could the Giants get better, you ask? Getting older. Because what makes any team better than signing yet another aging light hitting outfielder. Especially an outfielder who only started hitting homeruns when his legs completely failed him and moved into a ballpark with a wind tunnel.

The Giants needed to focus on one thing this winter, adding some power to their lineup. How do they do it? Adding Mark Derosa and courting a young Johnny Damon. Why was the Mark Derosa signing bad? This signing brought a player best known for his defensive flexibility, and stuck him at the position that he plays the worst. Often posting negative UZR/150. This is not just a bad signing defensively, but the opposite of what they need offensively. Mark Derosa is not a power hitter. Derosa has only hit 20 home runs in his last 2 seasons. Another added Giants bonus, Derosa is 35. The Giants will only play starters who are either approaching 40 or just past 20.

Why would Johnny Damon be a bad addition? For starters, Damon is 36, can't run, can't defend, hits poorly, and is not a prototypical power hitter. Damon's defense is simply laughable, posting a -12 UZR/150 in 2009, and for good measure, he has never been good. Damon posted negative UZR/150 for the most parts of his career manning CF for the Red Sox. I haven't even brought up Damon's noodle arm!

Offensively, Damon isn't even close to what the Giants need. Damon can hit the occasional home run (I don't know why, have you seen his swing); Damon has hit between 12-24 home runs each of the past 8 years. The Giants need a guy who can hit 30 home runs and protect Kung Fu Panda in the lineup. Also, is there anything that would be more comical than watching an outfield with Aaron Rowand and a gimpy Damon tracking down flies in a big left center? Would any fly balls get caught? I don't think so.

Could the Giants compete next year? Yes, but only because of their great pitching. Will their offense be equally as sucky with the additions of Derosa and Damon? Yep, and older, and worse defensively. I can not wait for this signing to happen.


  1. Great pitching such as Barry Zito? Another person with a noodle arm.

  2. The voice of the people should know that Zito is not a bad back end starter. Even though he is getting paid HOF money. Whoops.

  3. Just saying the guy gets paid a ton to throw 35mph