Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday January 26th Free Agent Moves

This post is approximately a day late, but if you got a problem with that, well I'll take you to the candy shop. The reason I'm posting is because there were several moves that hit close to home. Besides the Cardinals signing Rich Hill (sure fire bet to become the next Jeff Suppan), the Cubs made a huge splash (actually, the opposite of a splash) by signing Xavier Nady, and the Twins signed yet another white dude. (Try to look at Justin Morneau's picture and not laugh)

Let's start with the Xavier Nady signing.

Wow, how could this be more horrible. I know the Cubs have experimented with players with no arms in the past, but they took it to a new level this time. Do you realize that Xavier Nady had not one but two Tommy John surgeries? Side note: Tommy John surgeries had never been pluralized before you Big X, you are a pioneer. Also, did anyone realize there was that many ligaments to fuck with in the human body? I thought there was like 1 maybe 2.

Big X hasn't been a horrible player over his career, just an inconsistent one. Unless you are talking about fielding, then he's been consistent. Consistently bad.

If Big X is healthy, this may not be the worst signing in the world. Granted they did pay him 3.3 million, we have to see how much Dye gets to tell how bad this deal is, but he can contribute to the Cubs team. If the Cubs use him as a fourth outfielder, or in a platoon situation, he could contribute fairly decent offensive numbers.

The next move I would like to talk about is Jim Thome going to the Twins, mainly because this absolutely crushed my father. I used to like Thome. Sure, I would scream at him while he was hitting infield flies with runners on, or striking out in big situations, but he was a nice guy. Being a nice guy is clearly all that matters in baseball. Thome does pull in fairly good OBP and SLUG numbers, but those have fallen off dramatically in the past few years. The White Sox could not afford to have him on the team. He is too much of an offensive risk in his old age. His power numbers have been shrinking (I'm a card toting member of the Jim Thome did steroids club, I may be the only member). He refuses to change his hitting philosophy (dead pull) even though teams give him the left side of the field, and he doesn't hit well enough to beat the shift.

I'm not very sad Thome is gone. He was great to watch when he first arrived with the White Sox, but Thome's career is probably over. He may have one or two sub par seasons with the Twins, but this will only tarnish the monster that Thome was on the Indians and Phillies. People are already starting to forget how absolutely dominant he was in those years. I know my father absolutely loves Thome, but I'm not sad to see him go. I'm very sad that he will have to pretend to be nice to Nick Punto. I will also be down right salty when he hits his first bomb off of the Sox... Dammit, now that I think of it, I may want to write this part over again...



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