Thursday, February 11, 2010

My late-early/early-mid February thoughts...

Well, now that the Indianapolis Colts have shattered my Hoosier heart into billions of pieces via the Who Dat Saints, I have two professional sports to turn to in this country that I know more about than hockey (which I love, but secretly don't really give a rat's ass abotu): the MLB and the NBA. So, because I know less about the MLB than the NBA, I'll start with the MLB and it can get better from that point.

Chien-Ming Wang, the one-time well-thought-of Yankee who is now looking elsewhere despite the fact he won 19 games in two consecutive seasons. Too bad he's done what most Chinese players do in the MLB - get hurt - for the past two seasons, and hasn't really performed since 2007. Going 1-6 in summer play IS summer play, but when 9.64 ERA in 12 games IN SUMMER PLAY, you aren't going to stay. So. Where is the genius looking? The Nationals (and one other team too embarassed to be mentioned alongside the nationals). Washington DC - where minorities march and baseball players go to die.

Johnny Damon is probably going to play for the Braves, so at least the Red Sox won't hate him NEARLY as much now that he's old and decrepit. At least an Indian is playing for some Indians.

Buster Olney said that the White Sox coaching staff is excited because of Jake Peavy's infectious personality. As long as the infection isn't injuries - or staph - there may be reason to be excited on the South Side again that extends beyond watching the North Side flounder. Listen to this rotation: Jake Peavy, Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd, John Danks, and Freddy Garcia. That is sick. Like, really sick. Now, as long as Big Boy Bobby Jenks doesn't up and turn into the next Gagne, things might actually get relatively interesting for the men in black.

Well...creativity is gone. But hey, at least I posted something.


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