Sunday, February 28, 2010

Woah... Wait... What?

If you like me recently have been stuck in Syracuse in the middle of incessant snow and loads of work to prevent you from having fun, then you have been spending all of your free time inside watching the boob tube.  And if that's the case, then you have probably seen the following commercial:

Holy shit, right?

I have no idea as to why Dick's has decided to use Griffey for this spot.  I mean, for one, the guy can't move at all.  I'm actually kind of surprised that he didn't injury himself shooting the commercial like he played for the Orioles.  It's kind of sad that one of the greatest centerfielders of all time more likely than not had to use a stunt double in order to complete this simple commercial.  Although, it would be pretty cool to brag to all your friends about being the stuntman for Ken Griffey Jr.

But having Griffey sprint around a Dick's store is not necessarily the strangest part of the commercial.

Does anyone else find it odd that Dick's has decided to use Griffey to advertise to today's market?  I mean sure, if you are trying to sell baseball gloves to my generation, it would certainly work.  Especially if there is a fake John Hancock on the inside of the mitt.  (Back in the day, I was one of the most respected players on my baseball teams solely because I had a Bo Jackson glove and then a Deion Sanders mitt that was signed "$anders")

But the problem is that the dudes in my generation who love Griffey only need a mitt when we drunkenly play slow-pitch.  And even then, do we really need a glove or a good beer koozie more?

Duh, a beer koozie.

I bet if I asked my little brother who is actually in Dick's target market (you know, kids who actually need gloves and will buy them), he will probably ask me who Ken Griffey Jr. is.  Unfortunately, I will never ask because I don't have enough balls to face the deep depression that would follow if that situation ever happened.  I guess that at the least I have these memories to maybe cheer me up.

However, the weirdest part of the commercial... Orlando Hudson?  Who the hell uses him to sell anything?


  1. First, why is this called the "Sandlot" commercial? I was expecting Benny the Jet to run Griffey down. This would be a landmark event for me because these two athletes had more to do with my love of baseball than anything else.

    Second, I would never make fun of any commercial that Griffey is in. He could be 42 and limping around a sporting goods store with which commenced in an awkward double slide into home, and I would still love him. Wait... that horrible idea was used for this commercial, oh no!

    Third, O-dawg was used because they needed more black MLB players. By my count (not very accurate) there are 7 black players in the MLB, all of which are completely awesome. The only ones they missed are Ryan Howard (too expensive for this shoot), Bossman Junior, and Freddie Bynum.

  2. You take a stab at the Orioles, you take a stab at me.

  3. That commercial is awesome