Monday, May 31, 2010

In Which Span & O-Dog Get To Know Each Other Better

I'm starting to believe that Memorial Day weekend is probably the most underrated of all the extended American weekends.  Even to the level of being in the top five holidays in my book.  Quick update of the standings as of waking up this morning wondering what happened all weekend:

1. St. Patty's Day
2. Thanksgiving
3. New Year's
4. Fourth of July
5. Memorial Day

There you go, Memorial Day, congrats on cracking the top five.  You're combination of good times with the official start of summer charmed me through and through.

Not to mention yesterday was just an all out blast that included beer and bacon, feeling like a pimp walking around to Bawitdaba, and meeting fans.  Shocking - as I was sure that Zach and I were the only ones who read this site, as its just another medium for our overly nerdy observations and thoughts.  But thank you all out there who support us, we love you.  And let's party some time again.

Anyways, time to get to the point of the post.  (Although giving you a link to Bawitdaba to watch is a pretty legit reason for a post)

Summer, summer, summer.  I welcome you with open arms.  Things will get ramped up again around here as work dies down (or doesn't exist in Zach's case).  And we've missed so much good stuff already this year (no post regarding Eric Byrnes... egad!), which means we will have to post like mad men in order to catch up down the stretch.  And by the looks of things right now, I already have a gut feeling that the All Star game will be quite a treat.  Hope everyone is as pumped as I am for the greatness of a Jamie Garcia/Jose Bautista face-off.  I am already looking forward to telling my children about it.

Oh yeah, and please enjoy watching Denard Span get smoked in the testicles.

To close, the official song of the summer, which I called months ago.  What an awesomely bad guilty pleasure.


  1. I offer up the following for summer song Cooly.

    Also maybe more people woudl read this if you guys actually started posting to it again on a regular basis.

  2. Who are these fans?

  3. Cooly met one. Cooly, if you could describe this person in one word, what would it be?

    Also, there is a fella named Matt Mills that loves us so much he now follows our blog.

    We owe Matt several hugs and hand pounds.

  4. There was more than one person, who are you talking about?

    Solid choice for summer song, Marks.