Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baseball Card Discovery

So I was cleaning out my closet today - one that I haven't cleaned out for, oh, four or five years - and I came across a pretty mashed up cardboard box at the bottom of my childhood refuse. Imagine my surprise when I came across several hundred baseball and basketball cards that I hadn't seen in, oh, four or five years. I remember a time when a Tim Duncan rookie card would sell for around $50, and a Chuck Knoblauch rookie for $20 or so. Needless to say, the market for cards has, ah, fallen apart as of late. These are not times to be spending an incredible amount on pieces of paper and cardboard. Nevertheless, I have put together a few highlights of my collection, both basketball and baseball. Since this is a baseball blog, I'll hit that. The basketball will be over at 300 Level Banter.

Now, the last pic is my obvious favorite. The Bill Buckner is pre-Buckner-ball game: '85!!! I must have gotten it when I was in 2nd grade or so. Funny how NONE of these cards meant anything to me. The Chuck Knoblauch one made me sort of proud, and the Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds on the bottom left and right, respectively, are pretty cool. I think, total, these cards are worth maybe $10 now. The Buckner is worth $1.50. If cards were still worth money, I'd have a couple thousand of dollars worth. Actually, I have a whole collection an ex-boss gave me pro bono: nothing but mustaches. He had literally hundreds of cards of guys with mustaches. I should search for those sometime...what cards do YOU have that you're proud of? OH! And just so you know, I have something like 10 or 12 Rob Dibble cards. Epic.

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