Wednesday, June 2, 2010

End of an Era

I hate to block Tristan's latest gem, but swift reporting had to be done here. Seriously, don't forget to check out the post below, many chuckles are sure to be had.

I first heard of the devastation that will be the end of one of the Greatest careers in baseball history a few weeks ago. Due to my complete and overwhelming bout of laziness that I was dealing with, I chose not to post on it. I simply cannot go any further without pointing out the injustice that today's children are facing. I think you know where I'm going with this (Oh, wait you don't those sentences were as random as what outfit Craig Sager decides to wear), Ken Griffey Jr. retired today. Moment of silence...

Ken Griffey Jr was my favorite player of all time. Besides the fact that I won an autographed Junior ball when I was 8, immediately making me the coolest 3rd grader of all time, Junior was a one of a kind talent in his prime that was with out a doubt one of the greatest players of all time.

Junior's knee's and fragile legs robbed nations of budding baseball players of watching the purest 5 tool athlete ever play. Speed, Power, Average, Arm Strength, and Defense which will go unmatched. I could only wish I was older to really commit to memory the greatness that was Junior's prime. I remember shades of it, but the most vivid memories are of Junior crashing into outfield walls, injuring himself, running the bases, injuring himself, and making diving catches, and injuring himself.

I don't even want to get into Griffey's Sabermetric prowess, I'm not going to list a single stat in this post. Griffey's game overshadowed his stats. I was lucky enough to get to sit 4 rows down on the third baseline for a game Griffey played in; unlucky that he was playing for the Reds. If you never got to see Griffey's swing that close it is an absolute shame. Power and Finesse, Speed and Smoothness produced a swing that has been imitated by millions of kids worldwide.

Griffey was more than just an overwhelming talent on the field. He was a personality that LeBron, Dwight Howard, and Ryan Howard. He was a personality that changed the game and morphed how hipsters wore their hats. His speed and defensive ability was so powerful it grew to legend in the movie Little Big League (the movie which spawned our name).

So, I don't care that Griffey fell asleep in the clubhouse, or that he was batting worse than Mendoza (or Jerry Johnson). I don't think any fan of the hot garbage Seattle team cares either. It is all worth it to see that swing again.

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