Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baseball Stumble:

I was on a slight role in the writing world after completing my I'm Gross Internship Application but I don't have much on the mind as far as the baseball world goes. Though I have been reading a lot of the FanGraphs daily articles, which I highly recommend. With this lack of topic, I decided to go to my one true backup plan: Baseball Stumble. You know the rules now, I pick the first website I Stumble on and write you a few paragraphs about the topic. Be prepared to be slightly entertained and thoroughly let down (Side Note: Stumble Upon now makes you sign up. That is gay as AIDS).

My first Stumble was this. Very entertaining, but not enough to write a post on.

This was my second. While I'm typically a douche bag, I'm not touching that karma train. Although some of our writers/readers absolutely would (Bob). Note: Please read a few paragraphs of that, it is basically written by a 6 year old. Poor, poor writing.

Here we go...

Ten Cent Beer Night

Let me get this off my chest. TEN CENT BEER NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I could get absolutely shit faced for $2. This is something that you travel miles to come to... except the event took place in Cleveland.

Can anyone guess the outcome of this game? Robby Alomar sneaking into the stands and tossing a few back with some fans? Albert Belle threatening the opposing team after losing a beer chugging contest with Juan Gonzalez? (Please notice, this game took place in 1974. I really only know sweet 90's Indians {Like Kenny Lofton and Paul Sorrento} Though here is there roster. It features Buddy Bell and Steve Kline. I'm 30% sure it is not this Steve Kline.

Some fun facts on the game: A few days earlier the Rangers-Indians had a brawl that fans got to participate in. Why was I not born in the 60's? I could have been that guy patting Hank Aaron on the back. There were no rules for fans charging the field before 1980 and it was a glorious time. These sentences explain my thinking: A woman ran out to the Indians' on-deck circle and flashed her breasts, and a naked man sprinted to second base as Grieve hit his second home run of the game. A father and son pair ran onto the outfield and mooned the fans in the bleachers one inning later. (Links supplied by Wikipedia)

This sounds like absolutely the funnest game to be at. Not only was Billy Martin managing, but when a rowdy fan tried to abscond with his player's cap, Billy and a horde of Rangers stormed the fans... with bats. Not to be outdone, Indians skipper decided to protect the Rangers from the rowdy fans. Before ordering his players to fight off the fans, the Major League Baseball Players, guys who professionally swing bats as hard as they can, were ordered to arm themselves with more bats. This is like the Palace Brawl times 50, Disco Demolition Night times 100. This may be the craziest game of all time.

We will finish up with a couple of quotes. The first one which is surely from the father of Andy McPhail, it equals the dumb things Andy would say years later (I refuse to look up if it actually is his father. Even though this is a story on Wikipedia and looking it up could not be easier).

American League president Lee McPhail commented, "There was no question that beer played a part in the riot." No kidding.

And here is one from a dead guy:

newscaster Tim Russert, then a student at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, attended the game. "I went with $2 in my pocket," recalled the Meet The Press host. "You do the math."


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