Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miguel Batista Takes on Midwestern Values

The frontpage of Yahoo! makes a pretty good living out of running the same shite that can be found daily in USA Today, America's fast food, news-less newspaper. And you know what? Despite the intelligent, well-read side of my brain telling me better, I click on it to see what's up. Boredom will make you do things like this.

Usually I end up reading about foods I shouldn't eat, get hungry, and then wind up consuming said bad foods. Funny how that always works. I swear that Burger King sponsors those things.

Anyways, the point of all this introduction is that today, there was this article that ran on Yahoo!'s frontpage, right next to how CPR will save my life (ummm... I hope so, otherwise all of that time I spent making out with a dummy in 7th would be meaningless!)

Now although things between Miguel Batista, career crappy pitcher, and Miss Iowa, hottie, sound a little hostile with that misleading headline, everything is supposedly okay.  At least that's what Miss Iowa wants us to think, so she doesn't sound like a super bitch.  Although, the more I read about it, I do think she may actually be a tad bit upset over the whole situation.  I would too, who honestly wants to be compared Miguel Batista, the man who made the Mariners waste $25 million dollars?

But it's not like Batista was too farfetched in the comparison, he knows how much he sucks.  And who knew that there would be such a hottie to come from a state that offers exciting hotspots like this, this, and this?

And yes, the flowers are nice little PR gesture, something I have learned can go a long way/be quite annoying in my recent few days of twitter binging. But honestly, why would Batista have to jump through such a PR hoop like sending flowers if she wasn't actually a little upset/want the attention?

If anything, she should be sending flowers to Miguel Batista as a thank you.  Hell, everything has seemed to work out in her favor over this situation.  She now gets the throw out the first pitch in front of like 4,000 people.  Plus, now there is the attention thrown her way, just what every Miss America contestant doesn't have enough of.  I smell a reality show soon.  Her sky is limitless thanks to Miguel!

But in the end, I think the real winners of this entire situation are actually us, the users of the internet.  Because we get to enjoy photos such as the following:

Or maybe we can all send thank you flowers to Miguel for that.

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  1. Cooly I followed your lead and went google-ing for pictures of "Katherine Connors" and this came up... internet can be so cruel some times.