Thursday, July 8, 2010

Young In The Dirty Dirty

I was going to cover this major news on one of the other days this week, but that would have given you readers two legit postings in one day.  Since I was worried about the possibility of the Earth collapsing upon itself (and threatening the lives of Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid!) if we posted twice on one day, I resisted.  Or maybe I was just a tad on the lazy side - your call.

But as I was spending the Fourth of July popping bottles at terrible Bloomington-Normal hotspots, apparently one Dmitri Young was also running around the city blazing trees.

Homeless or handsome?

I can't fathom that I was just a few beers away from a P.I. and the possibility of sharing a room in the clink with none other than two time All Star, Dmitri Young!  Nuts!

Although Young went with the "grandma smokes dopes to feel better" excuse, I am highly suspicious of his excuse's merit.  I believe he actually was getting high to release the pain of not being the automatic All Star selection for the Nationals once again.  

Either way, I hope that once he was released, he made his way over to La Bamba for some mad munchies time.


  1. So you play in the Frontier League and D'MeatHook is your bench coach, how sweet is that? He would be high all the time throwing out incomprehensible phrases and stories of murdering strippers.

  2. Cooly, thank you for doing a post on one of my favorite baseball players of all time. Not only was it fun to watch him play the game, he always brought that "holy sh!t, I just saw him eat a Snickers and think he might go insane" attitude with him.