Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Easy Way Out

We haven't done much writing lately, but I'm sure that will change shortly. While you are eagerly awaiting our return, here are a couple of items that you should read (they are about 1000x better than anything we could do).

This is exceptionally interesting, and I know Cooly will love it, simply for the fact it is talking about so much accounting. I suggest that you read all of the comments. FanGraphs not only has the most intelligent writers, their readers are top notch.

This is a peak at what I have to deal with daily as a White Sox fan. Seriously, Hawk is in Ron Santo territory, and I am glad national media is coming around to it. Hopefully, items like this, and MLB Network devoting 15 minutes of air time to berate Hawk, will light a fire under the White Sox management and force Hawk to leave the booth. Hawk has already claimed to want to die in the broadcast booth, so someone in the White Sox organization is going to have to grow some balls and kick Hawk to the curb.


  1. I enjoyed all the nerdy accounting notes in the financials the most. I got to see a breakdown of the Pittsburgh Pirates' fixed assets! I geeked out.

  2. I will work on this tonight. Using Megan, I will lure Hawk out of the booth and then stuff him in a trash can like this