Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obituary: Bob Ryan's Credibility

Yesterday afternoon, while hosting PTI, popular sports journalists Bob Ryan's credibility died. While many may argue that his lack of overall knowledge and insistence on being incorrect most of the time truly killed him years ago, many people still held out hope for the once proud columnist. One of today's most popular sports writers, Bill Simmons, has often defended Ryan as one of the pillars of his childhood youth. Generations of fans under the age of 30 will never know Ryan as anything more than a complete fucking moron. This culminated in the certain death of his credibility yesterday afternoon. When Ryan was questioned on if it was the right thing for Ron Gardenhire to take Kevin Slowey out of a No-Hit performance, Ryan had this to say (paraphrasing):

I do think it was the right thing to do. Mainly, because I know Ron Gardenhire and really like him. Anything that Ron does I feel is the right thing. Now, if it was another manager, then they should have left him in.

Again, that was not taken word for word, but the main premise of what he said is right there. First, he absolutely kills all of his journalistic integrity. Then in the same thought he flips and tries to leave himself an escape route.

Bob Ryan, you are a jackass. Not only did you absolutely kill any objective story you will ever write, you basically phoned in the rest of your career. Ryan made it clear to America that he does not give a shit about giving you an actual story. He cares much more about complimenting his friends and scratching the backs of people who have scratched his. How long has he been lobbing softballs at athletes? How can you have trusted any of Ryan's stances on PTI, Around the Horn, or in print now or in the past?

Bob Ryan, you haven't given the world a single sliver of journalism in years and your blow hard routine on PTI and Around the Horn is played out. Who are you Crappin!

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