Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Winning the Asiad Will Win Me Fantasy Points

Since 95% of our readers are currently playing in one of our 2 fantasy leagues, I feel that I can freely post this without too much wrath from our nationwide audience (who am I kidding, 5% of readers not in the fantasy league!). While I'm not even close to the first to report this, I sincerely doubt that any of these writers has as big of a man crush on Shin-Soo as I do. I have been fully committed to my boy Shin-Soo for the past three years. How can you not be? He looks like this...

Why do I love Choo so much? Its simple, he is completely unheralded and he is absolutely a star in the American League. His numbers speak for themselves: in 3 seasons 53 HR, 460 H, 250 R, 48 SBs, 250 RBI, .295 AVG. If you don't want that for fantasy purposes, you sir are an idiot. Also, I will need to direct you to the better numbers, the numbers that actually tell you just how good Choo is: .387 OBP (.380 wOBA), .483 SLUG, .870 OPS, 4.2 average WAR, 5.6 Spd, with a career average of 3.7 UZR/150. This guy is exceptional in every phase of the game.

You may still be asking yourself, "But why did this fuckass write this article". To that, I scoff at your laziness for not reading the first 2 hyperlinks. It seems that all South Koreans are forced to join the armed forces for a 2 year stint by the time they turn 31. Choo is 28 and has yet to serve his time. Before you laugh at how lonely my fantasy team will be for the next 2 years, there is a catch! If South Korea wins the Asiad Choo will be relieved of his service duties.

Here is one guy that is rooting hard for South Korea in the Asiad.

P.S. FJM will be hosting Deadspin on Sept. 22. If you do not tune into that, you are no longer allowed to read any of my postings.

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