Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People Who Are NOT 5 Tool Players

About 4 minutes ago on MLB Tonight they brought up this weeks "Sears 5 Tool Players". One of these players was...

Take a guess...

You don't stand a chance...


I do not want to get into the fact that Juan Pierre can't run anymore, but lets look at the other 4 tools required: Hitting for average, hitting for power, fielding, and THROWING. (Best action shot of his arm I could find, you know a missile is about to be fired)

Pierre's Average: .271 (Not Great)
Pierre's Power: Are you fucking kidding me!
Pierre's Fielding: 12.0 UZR/150 (but this is compared to other left fielders
Pierre's Arm: Currently he is competing with Johnny Damon every year in a throwing contest to see who has the weakest arm in the MLB (This is similar to the Charlie Batch-Elvis Grbac QB Off that occurs every Christmas, only 3 people will get this joke can you name them?)

MLB Network, you let me down.


  1. I'm not even sure you could even call it a QB Off between Batch and Grbac. It was kind of a toss and roll off. 20-30 yards max.

  2. +1 Now will the other 2 surface?