Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Start Wedman MVP Voting

The end of the baseball season brings some time-honored traditions in the late fall. The World Series (of course), hearing about Yankee mystique, putting Tim McCarver and Joe Buck on mute, and Elmer Fudd hats. But none of these things is quite as important or as fun as seeing baseball writers be dumbasses when submitting their MVP ballots.

I have always enjoyed examining the total voting points of each MVP every year. Without failure, I always find a few chuckles in seeing how the entrusted baseball writers of this country cast their ballots. Usually, most of them are pretty close in voting for the true MVP of each league since statistics over a long stretch usually support who was perceived to have the best seasons; although, often writers are swayed by which players have the best last few months to push their teams into the playoff single-handedly (hence, resulting in things like Frank Thomas finishing 4th in 2006).

But far and away, the best votes are the guys who mingle at the bottom with lowly one, two, and three point totals. These are the votes that will not count for shit. I suppose that some high and mighty writers believe that they should place the 10th actual best player in the league in that slot in order to honor the system, but those guys are delusional. That's why the best votes are the humorous ones like Steve Kline in 2001 or Andy Benes in 1994. Hilarious votes. Even made funnier because I bet that some of these votes I find so laughter-inducing were probably serious on the part of the writer. But that makes them even funnier.

That's why I decided that we had to have our own MVP voting process here at Start Wedman. The participants were myself, Zach, Garcia, Tristan, and Mr. Anonymous (who went wild with comments on each vote that were cut to save space on the interwebs) - so you will be able to guess where some of the random votes came from. Plus, I added in the top ten players for WAR in each league to balance out the silliness a little bit. I will keep my comments after each voting briefish so that we can discuss the results more in the comments.

Without further adieu, here is the result in the National League (number of first place votes is in parentheses next to the player's name):

1 Joey Votto (4) 57
2 Albert Pujols (2) 54
3 Carlos Gonzalez 41
4 Roy Halladay 34
5 Matt Holliday 20
6 Troy Tulowitzki 20
7 Ryan Zimmerman 14
8 Ubaldo Jimenez 13
9 Adrian Gonzalez 12
10 Josh Johnson 7
11 Jayson Werth 7
12 Ryan Braun 6
13 Martin Prado 6
14 Adam Wainwright 6
15 Ryan Howard 5
16 Adam Dunn 4
17 Andres Torres 4
18 Marlon Byrd 3
19 Clay Zavada's Mustache 3
20 Drew Stubbs 3
21 Rickie Weeks 3
22 Aubrey Huff 2
23 Omar Infante 2
24 Brooks Kieschnick 1
25 Andrew McCutchen 1
26 Colby Rasmus 1
27 Chase Utley 1  

Wow, look at that, we were able to have a pretty legit vote. I imagine that the real results will look similar to this when they are released - with Votto edging out Pujols just barely. I expect that Huff, Torres, and Lincecum might see a few extra votes with the Giants making the World Series. And I can only hope that Clay Zavada's Mustache fairs better with the real baseball writers.

The American League is a little wackier:

1 Jose Bautista 48
2 Miguel Cabrera (1) 47
3 Josh Hamilton (3) 44
4 Robinson Cano (2) 40
5 Evan Longoria 26
6 Paul Konerko 19
7 Cliff Lee 16
8 Adrian Beltre 14
9 Carl Crawford 13
10 Felix Hernandez 11
11 Vladimir Guerrero 9
12 Joe Mauer 9
13 Alex Rodriguez 7
14 CC Sabathia 6
15 Ichiro Suzuki 5
16 Ken Griffey Jr. 4
17 Nick Swisher 3
18 Shin-Soo Choo 3
19 Justin Verlander 3
20 Juan Pierre 2
21 C.J. Wilson 1

This one came out all sorts of messed up. First, Jose Bautista wins by one point despite not getting a first place vote, but he fell between second and fourth on every ballot. Josh Hamilton got ass raped by Zach, who didn't place the born again Christian anywhere on his ballot. Because of Hamilton not placing on Zach's ballot, Cabrera should have walked away with the MVP, but WAR had him ranked 9th in the AL, which led to Bautista's surprising victory. I can only hope the MVP voting works out this way in real life. Fuck Josh Hamilton.

Congrats to Joey Votto and Jose Bautista for winning the first YSSW MVP Awards - I hope it means a lot to them.


  1. I was so close to putting Shin-Soo Choo as my #1, but ultimatley decided it was best to not include him at all....mainly because of my hate for everything Cleveland

  2. Who else voted for Juan Pierre? I certainly did. He is a 5-tool athlete.

  3. Tristan, you were the only one to vote for Juan. You loved his season so much that he was your #9 overall pick.

  4. Clay Zavada's Mustache! That is genius. The person who voted for that should be given an award for valor. Alas, the MVP voting process is confidential.

  5. Its confidential until Cooly lets everyone know about it, i.e. "Tristan put Juan Pierre as his #9 pick."

  6. It's not my fault that Tristan's memory failed and logic failed him.

    Plus, we all know that little by little, all the votes will leak. I'm all about the Freedom of Information Act.

  7. Jeez who the heck would vote for CJ Wilson and Chase Utley?

  8. Not me, I hate both of them. I'm just waiting for the actual awards to come out so I can prove I was right all along.