Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This website is predominantly dedicated to baseball musings. However, when something this fantastic happens, I feel obligated to bring it up on our site. #84 Randy Moss will be returning to the Vikings, most likely to win a Super Bowl come February.

Why am I so happy about this? I am a Vikings fan, that grew up with Daunte Culpepper chucking bombs to a wide open Randy Moss, and watching Moss leap peasant defenders while pulling down miraculous catches.

I relate Moss' return to the Vikings would be like Walter Payton coming back to the Bears for Mr. Anonymous (and most of our readers), Dan Marino coming back to the Dolphins for Cooly, and Kerry Collins coming back to the Panthers for Tristan. Moss coming back is the equivalent to Christmas, your birthday, and getting a BJ all at the same time.

Thank you Randy.

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