Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heath Bell Greatness

While checking my fantasy rosters for this weeks football match ups, I stumbled across a quick link on the Yahoo homepage about players wearing titanium necklaces. As boring and mundane as this story was, it got me clicking away at several of the links only to find this gem of a picture.

I feel I need to shard this image with all of you. As a blogger I feel the need to implore our masses to come up with a witty caption which fully captures Heath Bell's attitude. As a reader of many other blogs, I know no one likes these caption contests. A compromise must ensue!

I'm imploring all of you: either fulfill the blogging standard in the caption contest, or berate me to the best of your abilities. (or do both!)


  1. I'm better than you Africans I've got titanium around my neck bitches.

  2. Titanium necklaces are no longer a fad, they are a way of life. I would like to point out that I have been wearing them for over 2 years now and that Heath Bell most likely got it from me.