Monday, October 4, 2010

Laugh With/At Us

For everyone's reference, we made some picks at mid-season to predict how the final season standings would end. Although some of the awards look ridiculous now (Boesch for AL ROY, which he choked away, and my Ubaldo argument), those are forgivable since they were made based on who had the better first halves of the season. (However, someone else still thinks David Price should take home the Cy Young)

I will also proudly gloat that I had the most correct picks, in fact, I only missed the winner of the NL Central since all of the rest of my picks made the playoffs. Tristan did quite well, too, since all his incorrect picks (White Sox, Rockies, Padres, Cardinals) were at least in the race through late September.

What is unforgivable though is Zach and Mr. Anonymous thinking the Mets were going to make the playoffs. So let us now take the time to ridicule them for believing a team under the tutelage of "Oh no" Omar Minaya had a hope of sniffing the postseason. I'm ashamed, but kind of excited since I get to hold this over your heads, that you two thought that the Mets were playoff-bound at one point.


  1. I still cringe when I look back and see people thinking that the Mets were good.

  2. I picked the Tigers too...