Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Derek Jeter Saga

I know, I know, I know. Two Derek Jeter posts in a matter of hours of each other when we hardly post once a week? You are probably thinking that someone took Zach and I for some experimental lobotomies this weekend.

However, fear not, both posts offer Jeter, Yankee, and general New York bashing (for the most part)! Hooray baseball!

Anyways, my post will not revolve around the travesty of Jeter's Gold Glove win this afternoon since I'm sure somewhere in a dark basement, Bill James is dying of a brain aneurysm. May God rest his sweet, sweet, giant-book-writing soul. Instead, I will focus more on the other Jeter news that is setting the mass sports media on fire - the fact that, OMG, DEREK JETER DOESN"T HAVE A CONTRACT WITH THE YANKEES NEXT YEAR!!!!1!1!!!1!!

(How do you like that link to the boring, bland MLB Trade Rumors page even though I freaked out like a fourteen year old girl? Ah, my irony is hilarious.)

Now some are taking the news better than others. As one could have expected, most people around baseball are relatively calm because sometimes contracts do actually run their courses and players don't end up taking the last three years off with a "hip injury" a la Albert Belle. And of course, New Yorkers are not most people, which drives them to write terrible articles. (Zach, please FJM that for me - thanks a ton)

In order to make this whole situation a little easier to handle, let's lay out the facts.

1. Derek Jeter is a free agent. (Have to start slow)
2. Jeter is a future Hall of Famer, which comes with its usual end-of-a-star's-career pros and cons.
3. Jeter and everyone in baseball (except maybe Joe Buck and Tim McCarver) knows that he sucks. I don't think they really need that many reminders.
4. The Yankees are going to sign Jeter no matter what.

Given those facts, most of the debate has gone out the window. There's no need to worry about him signing with any other team. In fact, I really can't find any articles discussing another team being in the Derek Jeter negotiations; although, I'm surprised that Billy Beane hasn't phoned him up since he's all about bringing washed up veterans on board.

However, when Jeter finally signs this offseason, the only question is how much will the Yankees overpay him? Yes, his baseball production will not be anything worth what he will ultimately earn, but one also has to keep the dollar value of Derek Jeter the merchandise seller when signing him. You know that the Yankees (and ESPN) will promote the shit out of Jeter's 3,000 hit run. The money and media hullabaloo to be made over that whole ordeal, much to the chagrin of Zach and I, will dominate most of early portion of the season.

So what does Jeter get paid in the end? I honestly think he gets somewhere between $15M to $18M per year. Yes, he will be paid more than double of what his baseball production will be worth. And yes, the Yankees and Brian Cashman said something stupid about their franchise existing without Jeter possibly, but that's not going to happen. Jeter will not be allowed to get his 3,000th hit with another team because the Yankees will never allow that situation to happen, Jeter knows he has a slight upper hand in the negotiations, which he will push just below the $20M range (he's got a Minka Kelly to feed!).

But enough about that Derek Jeter contract bullshit, it's now time for the real reason I wanted to write this post. It's November, which means The National get to rock out with their Jeter ode. Hell yeah.


  1. 3 posts in 1 day???? There are some months where we barely make 3 posts. I can only hope Tristan gets the memo and sends something in before the stroke of midnight.

    Also, if you are going to bring up Minka Kelly you HAVE TO link to a picture of her. I would like that to be a strict rule for this site.

  2. Somewhat redacted. Mr. Anonymous' post was made yesterday.

    The Minka Kelly rule still holds true.

  3. I wanted to link a pic of her, but I couldn't find one I liked more than the one you used.