Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MLB's Least Honorable Award Becomes a Mockery

I am going to try not to swear during this post. I feel that the travesty that the voters for the Gold Glove need to feel shamed without the simple pleasures of a good curse. Gold Glove voters shamed the baseball world and forever brought skepticism to one of the decent ways of comparing fielders across eras. Willie Mays racked up countless Gold Gloves; Brooks Robinson even more. Being born in 1987, I will never have the pleasure of seeing these athletes chase down balls that mortals never dreamed of catching. The only way I can accurately assess just how great these fielders were compared to today's greats can only be measured through accolades, written and award based. The coaches and players in charge of giving this award sullied the spirit of the accomplishment.

Derek Jeter has won the American League Gold Glove for the short stop position.

This is offensive and appalling.

Since there are seemingly 2 schools of thought on how to value baseball talents, I would like to argue why Jeter winning makes no sense in any realm of thinking.

See it with your eyes types (symptoms of this include enjoying Joe Morgan commentary, liking the White Sox because they are grindy and sharing any baseball beliefs with Ozzie Guillen)

Many of you may be thinking, "Derek Jeter is the best shortstop to ever play the game. He is a True Yankee and has lead his team to 12 Championships all through pure desire and heart." These people are fucking morans.

Derek Jeter has not even been useful on defense for at least 5 years. Yes, you are correct, Derek Jeter is very sure handed and he probably looks good banging his hot girlfriend. He made 6 errors this year! You are right, that is a phenomenally low amount of errors to make. However, you are missing the fact that he has absolutely no range. None. This is not arguable. During the ALCS, I tweeted that Elvis Andrus just made an amazing play and that absolutely separates Andrus from Jeter in this series. I only had to wait a half inning to find out how right I was. With Andrus at the plate, he hit a slow roller to short. Clearly hit slower and about a step closer to Jeter than the ball hit to Andrus in the prior inning. Derek Jeter, on the biggest stage, a True Yankee, did not come anywhere close to making this play.

Jeter simply does not have the quickness anymore to play the position at even an average level. I don't want to get to numbers heavy in this section because I will be hitting you with a lot of that in the next section, but a typical meat head stat is fielding percentage. Going of this metric, Jeter was far and away the leader. However going to another simple statistic you can see how limited his range truly is. Derek Jeter was 6th with 365 Assists this year (Alexei Ramirez with 499 lead the category). Again Jeter made 6 errors all year, and was nowhere close to the lead in assists. How can you explain the 134 more Assists made by Ramirez? Ground ball pitchers? The opposition never hitting to Jeter for fear his Yankee Pride will get them out? I think over the course of an entire season most of those intangibles tend to even out. The only way you can account for this discrepancy is acknowledging Jeter's subpar range.

The Sabermetric View (symptoms include: being a pompous jerk and constantly believing you are right)

First of all, I would like to show you the leaders in the AL this year in UZR (I acknowledge this is not a perfect stat, but still!). Oh, you did not see Jeter's name on that list. That's funny, probably because he is not on it. Check page 2! That is right, your Gold Glove winner is not even in the Top 40 of players who played shortstop in the AL this year in a metric widely considered the best defensive measure, right now.

Not only that, but he was a -4.7!!!!! Not even close to being average, a decidedly terrible fielder just won the 2010 Gold Glove Award. Matt Tuiasosopo finished higher on the list than him! Do you even know who he is? Me neither, but his fucking brother wasn't even good enough to beat out JaMarcus Russel for the Raiders QB job, so he has to fucking suck major ass.

Seriously, Alexei Ramirez should have walked home with this award and by a huge margin. The guy had an outstanding year defensively. At the very least, Cliff Pennington could have taken the Gold Glove home. Hell, the A's were downright horrible offensively and still managed a .500 record on the year. You know how many A's won Gold Gloves? Zero! How good of a defensive team do you have to have to obtain a .500 record when your best hitter is Ryan Sweeney??????

Much like most of the non baseball-stupid world I'm angry that Jeter won the award. Not just because an inferior defender won the award again (I believe Eric Chavez won 4 Gold Gloves on the A's and he didn't even have to get out of his hospital bed). I am angry at this bullshit Derek Jeter/Yankees bias that causes baseball writers to swoon. I dislike Derek Jeter thoroughly.

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  1. Nick Punto was probably second in the voting.