Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Love For Bobby V?

While this is my first article in a while due to laziness and not having time to write because of school/work, traveling, and softball 5 nights a week, I make an appearance to bring up my disappointment. I may get a lot of grief for writing this article, but who could not love this man?

As many probably know (many as in the 10 people that even read this) that picture is when Bobby Valentine was kicked out of a game one day and returned in his amazing disguise. Seriously how awesome is it that he gets kicked out but tries to come back after altering his appearance!

As a closet Brewers fan I was really hoping that Bobby would come manage the Brewers! Not because I thought he gave them the best chance to win, but because his humor, shenanigans, overall dickheadness would be good for Milwaukee.

To clear things up, most of you know I am a huge Cubs fan. It's hard to keep my loyalty. Not because the team constantly loses and I'm a fair weather fan. There are many reasons to hate the Cubs, but that's a whole other article (top 3 reasons: I hate other Cubs fans, Jim Hendry/Andy McFAIL, & Wrigley Field/tickets.) There is at least one person that can relate to hating a team because of constant fails and stupid moves. Maybe a fan that likes the Vikings......A team that trades a 3rd round pick for a former fan favorite, then releases him because he just doesn't fit the team. Well Mr. Childress, you're an idiot.

Getting back to Bobby, I wish he would have received more consideration for the Cubs. Better yet going to the Brewers would have been a dream. I had big plans if Bobby were to be hired by either. I was going to get a Bobby Valentine shirt (I'm too cheap to get a jersey) and wear the classic sunglasses/fake nose combo like so:

Believe me I think the Cubs got it right. The Brewers may have too. I will be the first person to second guess either hiring. In Cubs terms, I was probably the only person in the world that wanted Bobby as their manager, and when Quade fails, everyone will say Sandberg was the man. WRONG!

I do think Quade will be successful, but it will take a new GM to create that success. Hendry needs to go, so lets start rounding up the candidates for next GM! Keep Valentine on speed dial Rickets family.


  1. Oh Gracia.

    When you choose a second favorite team, I think the #1 rule is that it has to be in the other league. Since my favorite team is the Dbacks, my second favorite is the Royals. Combined, their wins may have been enough to get a wild card playoff birth. . .maybe.

    Not only did you violate rule #1 by choosing the Brewers, but you even went same division. Just wrong. As our resident Cub fan, Mr. Anonymous should dispose of you.

  2. I'm grandfathered in....take that Tristan!

    What would the ruling be for such? Brewers were in the AL when I was younger when they were my current AL team.....

  3. I do not believe we can truly say you are grandfathered in until we can prove you were a Brewers fan before they moved to the NL. The only way to do this is for us to compile a questionnaire and to test you on your AL Brewers history.

    I think the quiz should be heavily weighted on the Brewers history you would have been alive for (1986-1997). I will have to have a conference with Cooly and Tristan and we shall compile the quiz and deliver it in a later post.

  4. The answers to your compiled quiz are Bob Uecker, Paul Molitor and Robin Yount.

  5. I'm not going to revoke Garcia's Cubs fan club card yet. Mainly because he is one of the few Cubs fans who actually understands the rules of baseball.

    I may change my mind though depending on how this quiz turns out.