Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Puma Open Thread

The Cards signed Big Puma! I love the signing. Cooly hates it. Let us know what you think.


  1. Despite Zach's love of Berkman (I refuse to use his stupid nickname), this was a terrible signing and a good example of the Cardinals throwing away $8M.

    We all saw last year that Berkman can't hit anymore. The antics of his terrible, long swing finally caught up to him as the fat his belly accumulated while sitting on the DL prohibited his ability to get around on pitches. Not to also mention that he is forced to play the outfield now that he's back in the NL. He posted an absolutely awesome -47.4 UZR in 2007, the last time he played right field. The Cardinals are honestly better off having a one-legged Yadier Molina play right because Berkman is one of the worst players of all time at reading balls of the bat.

    I'm not only upset about Berkman's negative baseball qualities and overall pudgy looks, but also that the Cardinals even considered signing him. Honestly, why don't they understand that I hate the Astros and especially Lance Berkman. They should have considered this factor.

    And even if this somehow does all pan out the way Zach wants it to, I still will hate Berkman, no matter what. I'm not moving my ground on my Berkman hatred ever.

  2. I love that Berkman is going to be a Cardinal outfielder. He can't hit and playing RF at Wrigley will be comical. I'd rather have Pena for $10 than Berkman for $8.

  3. I would rather have Puma for $15 mil than Chase Utley for "making out with a fat chick"

  4. I actually think that injuries affected Berkman more than people believe. He has always posted decent numbers and possibly a move to right field will benefit him. The only reason I didn't like this signing was the $8 million for a guy who has been banged up. But just think. If he can hit, who do you pitch around?

    1. Skip
    2. Theriot
    3. Holliday
    4. Pujols
    5. Rasmus
    6. Berkman
    7. Rolen
    8. Molina
    9. Pitcher

    That is going to be a good offense if they click right away.

  5. You know that Rolen hasn't been on the team in like three years, right?

    And don't kid yourself - Tony is totally gonna bat Theriot or Skip in the nine hole.

  6. I actually meant Glaus. Then I looked and realized I was wrong again. So I'll go with Freese for $200.

  7. Cooly, I will be getting you this for Christmas this year. I'm also going to get myself one, so we can be twins, and root on Big Puma together.,en_US,pd.html?cgid=22240

  8. No. I also now refuse to ever wear any Puma products ever again because of this discussion.