Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cubs Moves Open Thread

The Cubs stupidly signed Carlos Pena to a huge deal. Let's discuss. Leave your comments below.


  1. It's a good deal. Cubs need some sort of lefty not named Fukudome/Bradley and also needed a defensive first baseman. Aramis Ramirez needed someone to hit below the mendoza line with him. Its a win-win--win.

    In all honesty I do like the deal. Overpaid a little, but he's already going to be in his contract year!

  2. I can't wait until 2014 when I get to hear all of the Cubs fans put 'Alfonso Soriano' and 'contract year' in the same phrase.

  3. They actually overpaid a lot, but it seems everyone is this offseason. I am starting to dislike this move the more I think about it. I absolutely see Pena regressing to his Detroit days now that the steroids are out of his system. If that happens this move will spell the end of the Jim Hendry Era.

  4. This is now a "players" offseason. Extra years and $$ are being tacked on for no reason. This however does not give the Cubs an excuse. A couple of reasons why this was dumb:

    1) The move from a dome to Wrigley could ruin him. Look at his stats from playing in Detroit weather to playing in a warm dome. Drastic drop in HR's and RBI's. The man cannot produce when it is less than 60 degrees.

    2) Here's a good idea, lets give someone who just had their worst year in 4 years their best contract. If anything, he deserved less money.

    3) Tacking onto his issue with fly balls, he did have a better year last year with his ground out / air out rate (GO/AO) by posting a 1.15. This said, his career (thanks Cooly) is 0.87 and fly balls will die in the cold Chicago air. Still, with it being so windy in Chicago, who knows if this matters.

    4) Why not go after someone else? Chris Davis for the Rangers would have been a waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper option and I still think he hasn't reached full potential. Then they could have used that money to sign starting pitcher or a back end reliever.

    Overall I grade this signing a C-. It addressed some of the needs that Chicago has, but wasn't good in general.

  5. There are three key reasons why this is being overblown via prior comments:

    A.) The Cubs don't have to care about money

    B.) It's a one-year deal

    C.) The Cubs will suck anyway

  6. The Cubs do have to worry about money now. The Ricketts family spent way too much of their wealth on the Cubs and now are basically broke. The team can't continue to be run on a deficit.

    This is also why the Cubs have been beggin the city of Chicago and the State of Illinois for money since the Ricketts have become owners.

    Knowing our fucked up state, they will likely get the $300 mil they are asking for to renovate Wrigley and our state will be further in debt.

  7. All because of Carlos Pena. What an asshole.

  8. Sorry, I've been reading too much Taibbi. Clearly, Carlos Pena will lead to the downfall of our state's economy (ignore all that Governor turmoil crap). Also, I'm fairly sure Alan Greenspan had something to do with Blago and George Ryan's corruption. Fuck Greenspan!

  9. Is Carlos Pena in any way related to Wily Mo Pena? If so i think Willy Mo Should be part of the contract. He gets one at bat a week to swing as hard as he can and try to hit a ball into the stratusphere. Then, and ONLY then is Carlos Pena worth 10 mil.

  10. Willy Mo has taken his talents to Phoenix and will be battling for the starting LF spot. I only hope he can return to his ball crushing form and blast 30 out this year.

  11. So basically the Ricketts are like Roger Dorn. I hope one of them activates themselves soon and advertisements start popping up all around the park...oh wait they already started that