Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White Sox Signings Open Thread

Since we've all been on a huge Twitter binge, I figured we should move this to our blog. Seeing that our other followers are getting angry at us, and we have this blog for a reason.

So leave your comments about the White Sox moves in the Comments Section. Big things going down with the Dunn and Konerko signings.


  1. 1. Pierre LF
    2. Beckham 2B
    3. Rios CF
    4. Dunn DH
    5. Konerko 1B
    6. Ramirez SS
    7. AJ C
    8. Quentin RF
    9. Morel 3B

    That is nasty

  2. They should totally bring back Crede.

  3. Zach...where is Teahen? That is going to be a great line-up though

  4. Disagree with Morel at 3rd. WILL SOMEONE GIVE VICIEDO A CHANCE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!?? White Sox offense + their pitching make them a legit World Series contender. If Peavy is back healthy, they are nasty.

  5. The only thing about Viciedo is their already terrible defense would get exponentially worse. With power bats locked up at 1st and DH for the next 3-4 years, i would not mind the Sox shopping Viciedo hoping to improve their league worst farm system, or get some much needed relief help.

  6. I'm not opposed to starting the year off with Morel. I think we pretty much know what we are getting with Viciedo, so why not see what Morel can do. Morel is much better defensively and that will contribute more than Dayan's potential power to an already stacked lineup. See how I just took what zach said but rephrased it into longer sentences... thats how I just wrote a 12 page paper about Ancient Maya astronomy.

  7. Garcia, in my ideal lineup, Mark Tehan is dead. Since that is not likely, I will settle for him being our new Ross Gload, with the ability to play 3B.

    Tehan was fine (granted a poor defender at every position) at his super utility role with the Royals. Which is one of the reasons the White Sox stupidly gave him a 3 year contract. Granted it is a lot of money to pay for a utility player, but the bad money has been spent. The only value he can bring is off the bench.

  8. I really want to see Ross Gload play third base. It will be hilarious.