Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sam Fuld's Thoughts

Have no fear, we are not dead... yet. I know there hasn't been much posting lately, and there probably won't be for a little while. Cooly just got promoted to Vice Czar of Working Crazy Hours, Tristan contracted bird flu- or some other terrible disease-, and I have been without internet for a few weeks. We will try to post, but this month may be a little sparse.

Anyways, I thought I would bring to light an article the Fangraphs posted about Sam Fuld. (I understand that I am analyzing a written account that Fuld did with another news outlet, I am just to lazy to link with the original story). The most interesting parts of this piece are the 3rd and 4th questions when Fuld gives his thoughts on the Cubs organization.

Keri: Then there’s the church and state idea, when you’re out on the field, that you try to shut [statistical thinking] out. Do you feel it needs to go that way?

Fuld: I think baseball, in a way, the more brain-dead you are on the field, the more success you have. Which is why you see some big old dummies who are Hall of Famers (laughs). That’s the way it goes. There is a time to think on the field, but when you’re in the batter’s box, it’s all reaction. Maybe there’s an opportunity when you’re in the dugout to think on the stats side, but really your job is simple as a player, and ultimately you have to do what your manager expects you to do.

I suppose it depends on who your manager is, and who your front office is. I came up in the Cubs system, and they’re probably not as involved in the statistics side of the game as some other organizations. It still is important to me to get on base, even though (laughs) there were some guys who, all they cared about was my average.

Keri: Were they telling you, “be aggressive, be aggressive, swing, swing, swing?”

Fuld: Yeah, I definitely got a lot of that sort of instruction. It’s frustrating, but it’s reality. You have to please your boss before anybody else. That’s one of the things I’m actually looking forward to in going to the Rays, is maybe a little more advanced thinking when it comes to the numbers of baseball.

This is a huge shot at the entire Cubs organization. Saying that, "they're probably not as involved in the statistics side of the game as some other organizations" and that it was frustrating when all his bosses cared about was his average is damning to the Cubs. He even adds insult to injury and mentions that the Rays will hopefully be more advanced in their thinking of baseball statistics.

This astounds me. I can not believe that a Major League organization will turn its back on numbers and their affect on the game. Hopefully, Fuld does find some luck with the Rays as their 4th outfielder. And, until the Cubs finally see the light on the statistics revolution (that occurred 15 years ago at the Major League level) their ineptitude will continue.

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  1. I met Sam Fuld in center field at Wrigley and got his autograph. He is small.